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Due dates, ivf and baby boys

I just wondered if anyone had conceived with ivf and if they had been early or over due when it came to giving birth? Just hoping that since the conception was very technical they may be able to be accurate on my due date too!

Also everyone keeps telling me that baby boys are always late. Just wondered if anyone who had boys on time or a little bit early.

I know every birth and baby is diffrent with lots of factors to consider, but I would still like to hear stories.


  • my baby girl was 4 days late and of most people I know boys have been earlier with more girls being overdue x
  • my baby boy was a day early image
  • My ds was 9days early (first baby), I can't say that I've seen/heard of any correlation between due dates with ivf and babies been born 'on time' and it's an area I work in x
  • My son was 6 days early - I went into labour 7 days early..less than 24 hours after seeing the midwife who told me to book an appt for 2 weeks later as I would go overdue. She didn't half get a shock when she saw me in hospital!!!

    My daughter was almost 3 weeks early - hindwaters went at bang on 37 weeks and I was induced 2 days later.

    Tbh I think babies come when babies are ready and things like 'boys are more likely to be late' or if the mum was late (I was 2 weeks late!) the babies will be late are generally not true, or relevent to the person who is saying it!
  • My baby boy was three days early. Good luck!

  • My boy was 5 days over, sorry no help with ivf

    good luck x
  • My boy was 11 days late (then induced) and my girl was 5 days late.

    I've not had IVF but my cousin did twice - the first was 3 weeks early (boy), the second was a planned c-section (first was emergency section) at 39+2 (also a boy) - so if he might have come a few days early on his own, but not much.
  • My SIL had ivf and her daughter was born on her due date - at home as consultant told her on the same day that the baby wouldn't come for at least 48 hours. She went home and the baby arrived a few hours later image
  • my boy ws 8 days early x
  • With ds1 I went into labour the day he was due and he was born the following day after 20 hour labour. Ds2 was 11 days early after a quick 6 hour labour.

    Sorry no experience of ivf so no help there.

    Good luck and hope all goes well hun.

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