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Mid Cycle scan - 27mm follicle

Hi All,

Well today I have been for my first mid cycle scan for my first cycle on Clomid. Today I am day 12 and I usually have 28 day cycles.

They saw a number of follicles on both sides, but all except one were only 12mm or so. There was one which measured 27mm, and they are not sure whether it is a cyst or not. They gave me the HCG injection as nurse said if it's a cyst they don't want it staying up there so the HCG will force it out, or if it is an egg inside then I should be getting down to it for next 36 hours.

They said they would probably increase my clomid from 50mg to 100mg for the next cycle...if I need it!

Really hope it's a lovely egg. If it's a cyst does this muck up cycle/next cycle of anything? Anyone had similar thing at scan?



  • Currently not in your position but just wanted to say I really hope it is an egg for you too. All the best image
  • HI, I really hope it is an egg for you. I am on my first cycle of clomid and on 50mg. On day 7 and on wed (CD10) I have my first scan. We can compare follicle size. What is a hcg injection? I would bd anyway just in case!

    Lots of babydust

  • Thanks Mrs Hopeful, well the nurse said the HCG injection forces the follicle to release the egg/or whatever is inside if it is a cyst - so basically makes you ovulate. She said I would then ovulate within 36 hours of the injection so we have been BDing.

    Please be an egg!!!!

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