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Poop Question......


Just wondering if anyone is having a problem with toilet training and pooing??

Aimee has been dry in the day now since Nov and is even doing well at night. She wears a nappy but sometimes there is nothing in.

My problem is poo time. She always goes to get me a nappy when she poos. But she puts it off and puts it off and its come to the point now where she only poos once a week. This cannot be good for her belly.

She has a normal, if anything big appetite. She always eats fruit... Yesterday she ate 4 tangerines one after the other and i let her thinking it would make her go, but nothing.

She isnt saying that she needs one or showing signs of holding anything in, i think her body is just used to unloading every 7 days!! Do you think i should go to the doc or just ride it out and see how shes goes?


  • Maybe work making time for poo if she thinks shes too busy? Have a nice comic or book to read when shes sitting on the loo/potty? it is common for toddlers to only want to do it in their nappy. some suggest putting the nappy over the potty for a while?
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