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Bit worried....

I started to get a sore throat last week (just as I went back to work, great timing). It hung around all week and has been really sore, paracetamol and ibuprofen taken together gave some relief but not much.

Anyway, on Saturday I started coughing up a bit of blood (sorry, probably TMI) so I went to see the Dr this morning. He has said it's probably just the throat infection, but he's referred me for a chest x-ray and to the ENT section at the hospital to rule out throat cancer. I'm sure it's nothing, but it's still a bit scary. And I can't even taken the ibuprofen any more as it can make you bleed more, so I'm constant pain :cry:

Going for the chest x-ray tomorrow at lunchtime, pretty sure it's not anything on my chest as that's not really where I'm coughing up from. He's going to speak to ENT to see how quickly they can get me referred.

Not the best start to the new year image


  • All the best for the x-ray and for great clear news after. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hope the sore throat doesnt stay too long.
  • Aww hun. Could they not give you any stronger pain relief?

    I hope you feel better soon and get good news at the clinic x
  • Awww hope you feel better soon & that everything does go ok tomorrow. Please let us know. Hopefully the blood was just because you had a lot of strain on your throat.

  • Hope it went OK Liz.

    Let us know how you got on.

    H xxxxx
  • Thanks all. The Dr called this morning - he'd spoken to ENT and they've said with my age and the fact I'm a non smoker, they don't recommend that I'm referred unless I've had the blood for a week. So if I still have it by the weekend I'll have to go back.

    They've said there's nothing else they can give me for the pain unfortunately, which is a bummer as it doesn't seem to be getting any better at all. I actually can't speak at all today, which my colleagues are probably loving!
  • Awwww Lizzie, you poor thing. To be honest, when I read your first post I was very surprised at your GP's response - better to get things checked out but no need to scare you like that, I would be beside myself if someone said that to me. Like ENT said you are very very low risk, hopefully things will clear up ASAP. Have you had your chest x-ray then?

  • Awww chick hope that you get better soon & glad ur GP has passed on a bit of reassurence to u.
  • Hello - hope your feeling better soon. I know it's a long shot but I do loose my voice when I'm Ill - being a teacher its hard not to talk. I use honey it's ??10 a jar I add a bit in tea or with hot water and it does the trick for me re - getter my voice back. Can't help with the pain side of things. Take care and I hope you find out what's wrong soon x
  • Chest X-ray is on hold for the time being too. Thanks for the tip on honey Sprogalogs, will give that a go as I'm getting desperate. I'm actually having trouble opening my mouth today, let alone speaking! Managed to suck in some sloppy porridge this morning. It's spread up my jaw to my ears now aswell, I'm getting very fed up.

    Sorry, right whinging old bag aren't I?
  • could you try some cocodamol?

    glad they dont need to the tests hun! Must be reassuring for you. fingers crossed it clears up fast! Whinge away. Its horrible being ill anyway! x
  • How you feeling hun?

  • How are you Liz? Hope things are settling down x
  • Much better thank you ladies. I can actually speak today which is progress image. First morning without any blood too, so good sign. Still hurts a bit to swallow and yawning is painful but that's pretty much it.

    Hopefully that's it now!
  • Glad to hear it looks like you're on the mend sweetie

  • Glad to hear things are looking up hun. Hope it clears up fast x
  • Well hopefully that's the end of that! x
  • Oh my god Lizzie.i can't believe I've only just seen this. Not been on BE all week. I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better now. Sounds like a really nasty virus or infection but I can't believe your GP scared you like that. I would also swear by makuta (sp?) honey as it has antibacterial properties. I tend to mix with hot water and lemon.

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