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Most likely goodbye ladies :-(

Bit of a self indlugent whine really, but I have been posting less and less on here. Since the changes I have a nightmare accessing the site and posting on my phone is a definite no-go, and I so rarely get on the laptop so I've been visiting less and less and last night deleted the site from my phone.

I want to say how honoured I am to have met all of you in here, and how much I have loved being part of this group. You saw me through some tough times, times when I didn't think I could do this, and I honestly think you made me a better, more level-headed mother.

If you do ever organise another meet up PLEASE PLEASE contact me - I'm not shutting my account, just won't be on much, so I'll still get emails (I hope!).

I will miss you all, your updates, your funnies, but now I'm back at work I need to focus and spending 20 minutes trying to read one thread probably isn't the best use of my time!!!

I'll leave you all with an update pic of my little muffin....if it works!!!


  • Aww hun. Hope to see you on here occasionally and would be good to arrange a meet up! Your little man is gorgeous and so big!

    Take care hun x
  • Ta care chick, hope to see you. LO is gorgeous.
  • Oh no image MM, we will miss you. Just as you say you have learned from us, we have also learned from you so thank you for all of your replies and advice.

    Muffin is a cutie pie!

    K xxxx
  • Hope to see you on here occasionally. I also don't get on as often now I'm back at work and also can't access via my phone any more - can't believe BE haven't created a mobile compatible site when ey relaunched! - but I love catching up with you all and hearing how everyone is getting on. Xxx
  • We'll miss you - keep in touch! x
  • Awww good luck & I will miss u so very much. Hope to see u sometimes. I know the feeling as I am having trouble with my phone & BE now so don't come on as often as I did as I need to switch on the laptop image
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