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Hey ladies,

As a lot of you have mentioned you dont come on her as often (and I am rubbish with facebook :lol: ). Are you all on there? I know I have some of you on my list but I know not all of you. Be good to stay in touch x


  • :lol: Cozza, you sound like you are collecting stamps or something! You have me chick! image
  • What a fab idea!! I know I'm also friends with a lot of you. But if not it'd be a good way to stay in touch xx
  • haha, im feeling a little brain dead today so that message was really hard to write! lol

    baby brain is back!!! x
  • Baby brain never went away!!!! Did u see what I did yesterday on fb?? I actually forgot to put a nappy on rhea!!!!
  • I'd love to see some of you on FB....I'm Harriet Fitton...pic of my DS's hand in mine...
  • Hi girls - I always forget to check BE as it always takes ages to load up. !

    Lambchop - loved you post yday!

    Do we have a FB be april group ?

  • Haha didn't see that jayne but how funny! Did it get messy?

    Im corinne hayley wardle on fb x
  • Hi ladies,

    I wouldn't mind joining the facebook crew too. Me and Mrs Chaplic were bump buddies so I'm friends with her but otherwise I don't have any of you as friends. Ditto Sprogalogs question about an April group? Would it be easier to join that and go from there than find you all?

  • Hi muso,

    If you add me Jayne price my profile pic is one of my daughter which is quite close up.

    I started a private group last night for us all so after you add me as a friend I'll add you to the group & you will see the rest of the April mummies.

    This also, goes for anyone else who would like to join us image
  • Thanks Jayne,

    Only just remembered to check back on this thread! Think FB will be a lot easier. I shall find you next time I log on. I'm Ruth Leggett and my pic is one of me and a few other girls.


  • Hi Jayne

    I have think I found you on facebook and sent you a friends request. i am Diane Nuttall. If you don't get it,I have sent it to some random person.

    Facebook is a geat idea as I too have a lot of problem with the BE site now. It is just so slow!!
  • Ruth think I've just added you. Diane I haven't got a friend request. Tried searching for u but don't know ur profile pic. If you want to try & find me again I have changed my pic to an old one of me in a tartan dress lol
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