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Baby Bloom

Alright, sorry, it's the Heil. But LOOK, look at this!

I ought to hate her for looking so beautiful, but I'm just in awe. What a gorgeous picture to share, she looks so content. I officially love Miranda Kerr!


  • Oooh she is so lovely!!!!!

    I'm jealous.

    I don't look half as good as her 19 weeks on!! :lol:
  • Ahh that's so lovely!! "no make up" though? I can see the lipstick!! Still, very jealous of her looking so amazing so soon x
  • I seen it on the internet earlier on and I thought the same she is literally glowing with mummyhood its such a gorge picture both mummy and new baby are beautiful x
  • Beautiful pic!!!! Feel very sad for negative comments underneath! It's a lovely moment to capture!! xx
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