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Xmas Pics (bit late i know)

I know everyone would have taken lots of christmas pics, so heres just two of Lara after being bewildered with waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many


  • Ha ha! I love, love, love how excited she is with her walker! Bless her heart! M got one of those but can't stand yet so just chases it around the room! x
  • be glad she can'

    Lara is forever hitting it into the backs of my legs and she gets really frustrated when i wont let her bring it into the It was definitely the best toy she had though, she absolutely adores it.

    We had a very wobbly first step yesterday, so its all

    claire and lara 9 1/2 mnths

  • Ah, cute! Daisy got one of those aswell. Don't the songs just drive you nuts after a while? Hello puppy calling you....
  • i must admit i dont think ive ever i drown it out with the tv image
  • Leah has 1 too but still can't crawl ir stand so just plays with the main bit on the floor

    So cute though! So grown up! X
  • So cute! We have one as well (although not in pink sadly) but I just wedge it up whimsy the sofa and sit her in front of it as G is no where near walking!!!
  • Gorgeous!

    Here (hopefully!), is Benjamin with his walker (he still needs a bit of support!)

  • Awwwwwww thats a great walker image

    he looks very happy with it.


    Its amazing how big they are all getting.
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