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How is everyones LO's doing with their teeth, Lara had the two bottom ones come through at 7 months and today another two came through. I am just posting this because i thought it was the two top ones that were next but its been the ones on either side of the front top teeth. She will look like a vampire, i hate



  • Rhea's bottom 2 have been through since she was 7 months. But has been battling to get any top ones down. For the past month she has been screaming at least once a week in pain, but nothing as yet.
  • I have a gummy bear!
  • LO has 4, 2 top and 2 bottom. She cut her bottom left one first, then her top left,then top right and 2 weeks later the bottom right one. The 2 either side of her top teeth look like they're gonna be through soon.
  • M has 3 bottom ones - no sign whatsoever of the top ones! x
  • I am very jealous of all these teeth. Finley isn't that far from being ten months and we still have no signs of any teeth putting in an appearance.
  • i am still trying to breastfeed, so no teeth would have been

    Had a bad night with her last night, poor thing. Ive given her calpol every 4 hours to ease the pain, now she just grumbles. Hope the next teeth dont cause this much pain.

  • Daisy has 6 - four at the top and two at the bottom. Three have come through in the last 2 weeks, but she hasn't been too bad with them. She's still very rosy though, not sure whether there are more on the way!
  • Leah has 2 bottom ones and i think the top middle is on its way through. She isn't a happy bunny at the moment x
  • Clairol - I love the fact that she looks like a little vampire!!

    Grace has 2 bottom ones which came through at 6.5 and 7 months and she's been in really bad teethingpain since just before Christmas but no sign of anything yet. She's becoming a calpol addict - I don't think there's been a day since Christmas where she's not had at least 1 dose!!

    Interesting that it may not be the top 2 next though. I just assumed it would be. She has been poking her Tongue on the bottom left side so maybe there's one co ing there!
  • yes, i wouldnt put it past the tooth fairy to be adding them into places they shouldnt be yet image

    lara is finally starting to calm down and be happy again. they have both cut through fully, she does look so funny when she smiles.

    i really always assumed it was bottom two and then top two or visa versa but obviously

    I'll get a picture of her when they are a bit bigger.

  • Benjamin has the bottom two, main top two & I think the top ones either side are on their way too. His top two have a big gap between them which remind me of Madonna...I am hoping when they come through properly the gap will get smaller...

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