Diarrhea when starting weaning

After being advised to wean my little girl who is 19 weeks tomorrow, I gave her her first 'proper' food yesterday - half a cube of pureed butternut squash. Before that, she had a couple of days of aptamil baby porridge.

Since her second portion of it today she has had 3 runny poo's (one of them was also a bit mucusy) and then a not so runny one. The not so runny one came amongst a lot of straining whenever she tried to have more of her bottle - a teeny amount for the amount of effort she was putting in!

Anyway; I've spoken to a couple of people who've had the same thing but I just wanted to double check with a few others.

Would it be best to go back to the porridge for a day to give her stomach a break, or do I just continue? She is fine in herself and drank her last bottle (although it took a while as she kept straining), plus I gave an extra ounce of water afterwards to help keep her hydrated.

She's really keen on her food and would keep eating more and more if I didn't stop her, and she had about 3/4 of a cube portion... I wondered if it was perhaps too much?

Any thoughts or experiences really appreciated. xx


  • Hi Kat!

    Glad to hear Sophie is loving her food! I think all of what you say sounds normal! Eva has had some amazing nappies since we started weaning her! The best ones were after she ate sweet potato - she had 3 in one day!!

    I would just do what you are doing. I've got the Annabel Karmel book, and she says some mashed banana can help settle babies who have diarrhoea. But be warned, I've heard the nappies are awful after baby eats banana!!

  • Sounds like my LO when she was weaned. It is likely her tummy will need to get used to something new. I started with carrot or pear as they were both very light on the tummy. Sweet potato is another good one. But really build up gradually.

    One meal for a week then 2 meals for two weeks etc.
  • Oh yes, you get some wonderful nappies when weaning! And yes banana does result in some pretty fab ones! We tend to keep banana to brekky or as a pudding with yogurt for lunch just incase!! x
  • She's had about 6/7 pooey nappies a day since Saturday so I've decided to take her to the docs this morning, she seems a little more irritable too so I'd rather get her checked out.

    Hope it's nothing and that we can get back to the weaning as I've stopped since Saturday to give her poor belly a rest!

    How is Eva getting on with food Ruckie? Hope she's doing well! I also have the Annabel Karmel book; it's great isn't it?

    Thanks for all your replies xx
  • She is doing good!! Still just little tastes of everything, but each day she eats a wee bit more!! Carrot is not popular, but she loves turnip, apple and sweet potato! I love seeing her wee face, trying something new!

    Yeah, the AK book is great, it's nice to have a step by step guide on how to introduce all the different foods. We have a weaning class at our HV tomorrow, so I think after that I should be fully armed!!

    I hope Sophie gets on ok at the docs....it is likely that the food is just so new for her. Or maybe her wee tummy isn't quite ready? Xxx
  • The docs seemed to think it might be because we started off which too much too quickly, which I agree with. She's said I don't need to stop giving her the food though and just to give her less.

    How much did you give Eva to begin with? I have cubes which are quite big and I gave Sophie half of one of them, which apparently is too much, oops.

    I tried Sophie on pear at lunch today and she wasn't overly fussed, I think it was because she was quite tired though. xx
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