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a thread for crazy baby ladies!!

Hi all,

Think Im going mad, just spent most of my time in town browsing the baby sections in boots and tesco wishing I could buy nappies, wet wipes, bottles, muslins, nappy sacks etc etc

And Ive spent most of the morning on the mothercare website gazing at pushchairs and moses baskets.

Im realy broody now and am jealous of all the pregnant celebs right now!

Please join if you're a crazy baby lady (aka CBLs) lol


  • hiya fiona i remember you from the good ole days on babyexpert everyone seemed to have disapeared image i was crystal but closed down account after all problems with be but back lol im same baby mad iv 18 month old and cant help going in mother care baby shops browsing net looking at all cutys lil outfits etc iv been broody since my lil man was few months old lol cant wait to have another my lil man loves babys so its def time to crack on and give him lil brother or sister xxxx
  • finally a thread made for me!!!! hehe

    we've been TTC for over two years and in that space theres not a day goes by that i dont think about having a little baby running around the house. Im always looking at mothercare online and have been know to trawl around babies r us on the odd weekend lol

    all i ever think about is having a baby

    Ive bought a few items over the years too im shamed to admit :S

  • hiya dummymummy your not on ya own i had bags clothes toys and a pram for my lil man befor i was even prgnant with him lol. good luck hope 2011 is your year hun xxx
  • I'm with you! I go around window shopping but then get embarrassed incase someone I know see's me.

    I have two boxes under my bed. One for all the mags and books I've bought and the other for all the free gifts I got with them. I started buying them April last year, we started ttc this month. I'm finding it hard being around people who are pregnant because I think I give the game away with all my new found baby knowledge!!!
  • hiya chubby cuddles my lil girl is nearly 18months im an august mummy you must be a july mummy? I remember the good ole days too, I even done a similar thread to this. There were 3 of us CBLs back then and we all got our BFPs very close hehe. Im so out of the game now I dont know anyone LOL

    Really thought I was doing it for the last time! image

    Hi dummymummy, really really hope you get your bfp soon hun, it will be your turn soon. I think this is the year!!

    Are you on ltttc at all? Have you been to drs about it?

    Even after having 2 babies already Im just as broody I think its the whole pregnancy and newborn bit that I crave!

  • hiya fiona i know i feel bit left out now :cry: lol will have to get to know everyone shame about some ladies that left yeah im july mummy image. hope babyexpert sorts there site out and it becomes more popular like it once was and i agree the newborn baby part is lovely pregnancy feeling the kicks i love the smell of a newborns yummy lol hows ya partner feel about ttc baby no3 xxx
  • Its taken a while to convince him! LOL he definatly has more doubts then me but the way I see it he wouldnt do the deed if he wasnt keen on the idea! hahahaha
  • hi

    yep I'm a bit CBL right now LOL ttc number 2.

    fiona and crystal I think I remember you from way back, my LO is now 20 months she was May 09, but I think I remmeber you from the pregnancy forum. I was aileenh10 then.

    dummymummy good luck for your bfp in 2011, fingers crossed for you

  • I'm a CBL! :lol:

    Been ttc for 2 years, something is definitely wrong - going to take the first step, call my Dr and make an appointment to see him about it *eeek!* I have very irregular periods, hoping to be put on clomid!

  • Good luck MrsG hope your appt goes well and you find out whats wrong! and be on your way to getting your BFP!!

    I take it you were born in 86? I was too hehe x
  • Just bought 11 pregnancy tests online!!! 1 clearblue digital and 10 cheap strips :roll:
  • Thanks Fiona, yep, born in 86!

    I haven't bought anything yet, I just feel it's tempting fate, although I do spend ages down the baby clothes isle at Asda's! Luckly my SIL just had a baby boy, so I pretend i'm looking for her! haha! xx
  • PHEW! Glad I'm not the only one.... :lol:
  • hi ladies, i am another CBL!

    only been trying since the beginning of this year but been planning since last april. Bought a tiny babygro at a fair last summer that i just couldnt leave it lol! i would have a full nursery and wardrobe if my oh would let me but luckily hes sensible and thinks we should at least wait till we have a bfp ! (which is true i know)

    i am also a serial poas lady! have bought 20 of the ebay cheapies to save myself money on my addiction! heres hoping we all get our bfps soon and we wont be so crazy anymore!!!


    PB x
  • Hey,

    We been trying for the last 7 months and have an appointment to see the doc a week on Friday. (I am 35 and have been told can get advice/testing/assistance after 6 months due to age).

    I am the same, I look up websites and look at baby clothes. I finally found a good excuse to do this cos one of my mates has just got bfp.

    Anytime I out with other half and see baby I just turn round and say "I want one!!" :lol:

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