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Are you pleased with your Pram choice?

Hi girls,

Hope all gorgeous December Mummies and babies are well!

Just wondering if everyone is still pleased with their pram purchase?? I have the Mothercare My3 (quite a popular choice with the DID girls if I remember right) and I absolutely LOVE it!! Definitely made the right choice, love pushing it, easy to use etc... and I think it looks fab too image

What about you?

Love MrsH and Lucas xxxx


  • Yep I love my My4 too image The only problem I have is getting the car seat off the chassi, but managed to do it first time today, woohoo!

  • yup, one very pleased mummy over here.

    we got the babystyle oyster black pearl and its brill, easy to push one handed, looks good, easy to fold, not too heavy, and even thouhg i said i wouldnt the car seat attaching to the frame is so handy, only use that though if im going on a short drive and will be out of the car a short time.

    the carrycot doubles as our moses basket during the day and when we go o our parents.

    and i love the fact we can chage the colour pack if we want
  • yup i love mine too. I have got a safety 1st roadmaster travel system, its so light, the chasis is so so easy to open and fold and it is really easy to push also looks gorgeous. I wanted a carrycot so badly when i was pregnant but couldnt get one for my pram as it was from france so my mom suprised me with a quinny buzz 3 wheeler with the carrycot that her friend was selling, love the way it looks and it is easy enough to push however i find it quite heavy and i cannot close the chasis at all, opening it is fine though. Oliver looks lovely and comfy in his carrycot and during the day we use it as a moses basket x
  • Hi girls,

    Thank you for replying image

    I have the same issue with the car seat/chassi and thought I was just a wimp!! I have it in black too so waiting for dirty marks to show :roll:

    Glad you are all happy with your choices!

  • We bought the Mothercare Spin and it's brilliant so light and easy to push and easy to put in the car etc. I love it xxx
  • MrsR, I haven't used it in pram mode yet so will have a look at that. Yes the basket thing is bit awkward esp if you have your changing bag on there. Wouldn't change my choice though image xxxxx
  • I went for the Hauck Malibu in Lolli Lime image LOVE LOVE LOVE it

    Never want Oscar to stop using it :lol:

    Its light enough to carry up the 15 steps to my flat and when he is in the carrycot or car seat they both unclip/change so easy Everyone has said they love the color and Oscar uses it in the day for sleeping in as i have no place to store it so its up anyway might as well use it lol xxx

    Glad everyone's happy with there choice's. With Tyler i was on buggy number 2 at 3 months old i hated the 1st one so much image

    gems&Oscar 9week6days x
  • I got a mamas and papas pliko pramette, it's not perfect but i do like it a lot and got it cheap 2nd hand from a friend so can't complain! it looks great and is easy to push, the only problem i have with it is that it seems to slope back a bit when it's in pram mode so i have to pad out the head end with a blanket and it's a little difficult to figure out how to put it up and down. only small problems though really

  • Ladies with the My4/My3 - do you find that the pram cover doesn't stay on?! I put it on the carrycot, but the velcro up near the hood isn't strong enough to keep it on, and it just undoes straight away?!

    And I find the shopping basket a nightmare to get to! And it's a little small.

    Yep, mine is the same with the cover, it stays on the actual pram but doesn't stay velcroed if that makes sense? (I bet velcroed isn't even a word mind :lol: )

    The basket is a bit small and can be a bit of a pain to get to but I still love it.

  • erm, on and off lol...we didn't ahve a huge choice to pick from really, we have the icandy pear, but part of me wishes we had the baby jogger city select has more seating combinations and the pear can be tricky with steering on certains types of floor (like in shops, outside is fine)...the sales person in JL had us under the impression the two were on a parr with each other (seating wise) but it's really not, she failed to mention that i single mode it can only be rear facing, which is annoying as although i like having parent facing now (our pram for ds was only outward) i wish we had the option to let him see the big wide world when it was used as a single...also can't use the carry cot or carseat as a single (need new another set of adaptors for carseat and/or the larger carrycot fabric)...i'm nto sure if that would've been the same with the bjcs or not though...i had ummed and ahhed over the two in the shop but MIL was paying and OH preferred the pear, funnily enough he's the one who moans the most about it lol, can't sell it and get a bjcs either as think mil will be a bit annoyed if we sell it on so soon to replace it...on the whole i'm fairly pleased with it, especially as there were only 3 to choose from that did 'everything' we wanted/needed, and i know i would 't have liked the peach (even though it looks nicer, the seats and carrycot are a lot smaller, so wouldn't last as long) i think i just ahve a case of the 'i wonder' if that bjcs would be like that etc ...xx
  • MrsRainbow - Have you found anyway of keeping it secured on?! I had to on the other day and one big gust of wind and I was chasing it through the park! Not fun!x

    It just stays on by iteself :roll: Maybe it's because I've not been in loads of wind?

  • Yes and no. i brought the first wheels city twin because i loved the idea of baby in a pram and ds being able to be either parent facing or facing out but my word hit is big! took up the whole width of our country paths and would only just fit through the school gate so have sold it when kyle was 6wks and brought the britax b dual and i love love love it x
  • I bought Graco Illusion travel system and then the carrycot to match. We bought the car seat base for both cars which is great as just click the seat on top.

    The push chair can be used with the carrycot or car seat or on its own.

    Really happy with it. Downside is its massive and takes up most of my boot! I have a Peugeot 106 - but there is still room to fit a few things in!

    It's fairly sturdy when bumping up and down the five steps of house to get to pavement. Which is good as didn't think of that when buying as house purchase hadn't gone through.

    I also bought the Hauck sport from Asda for holiday for massive sum of ??12.50. Have tried this out and seems quite good for the money. Downside to this is accessories cost a similar price. The foot muff I bought cost more! image

    Pleased with both but don't think my carrycot will last a lot longer! which is a shame as he looks so snug!

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