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New Born and Bottle Feeding

HI Ladies,

Well i gave birth to my beautiful little boy this morning. I am bottle feeding but i just wanted to know how much all your babies drank when new born?!?! He doesnt seem to be eating much at all...he has had about 4-5oz since he was born at 02.08 this morning - is this normal? I keep trying to give him more but he doesnt seem interested...he has however passed lots of poo today and i wonder whether he is just too full of poo to take any food on?!?!

Look forward to your comments and help ladies.



  • I think the box of whatever milk you are giving give quite good guidelines depending on the weight of your baby boy! I would think 4-5ozs is pretty good, my little girl is nearly 6 months and only takes 4-5ozs per feed. I think roughly per day they should take 2.5 x their weight? Babies are really good at taking exactly what they need and I don't think he will be too full of poop. Congratulations, I know it's a bit of a minefield at first but every baby is different and they will be teaching you as you go xxxx
  • we didnt start bottle feeding until 1 week but we started on 1-2oz every 2 hours or so x

    oh and congratualtions x
  • Congratulations!

    I second what littlelyns said - if your LO is hungry he will let you know image Just feed him when he tells you and don't worry about it too much in the first few days. It's quite a traumatic thing being born!! He will take a few days to settle down.

  • congratulations......

    my DS was born close to midnight and he didn't have a feed until about 3pm the following day.....

    the MW's told me that they don't eat much for the 1st 24 hours..

    DLAM xxx
  • Newborn babies have stomachs the size of walnuts designed to ingest approx 7ml of colostrum per feed. The healthiest and kindest way to bottle feed is to offer very little, very often. They do not need or want much in the way of volume at this stage.
  • Congratulations image when I had ds2 he was taking about 40mls every 2 to 3 hours. He's now 10 weeks on Sunday and generally has 7oz every 3.5 to 4 hours.

  • my 4 day old baby only took 1oz every 2 hrs for about 10 days. Hv kept telling me try to get more in him he will go longer but he didnt for a good 3 weeks

  • New babies do have to feed little and often. You shouldn't leave too long between feeds though as if they're sleepy they may not wake up for feeds.

    We were told to wake Sophie up 3 hourly day and night to begin with, and were told it can get into a bit of a vicious circle as they don't feed as they're sleepy, then they don't have the energy to feed it they don't feed enough, so they sleep more.

    I'm in no way saying that'll happen to your little one! Just saying that they'll need feeding little and often.

    Congratulations. xxx
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