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Ideas needed for charity event at work

hi ladies

i run a pub and i am now working with a loval school to raise gazillions of money for them. I am starting the commintment during the Devon Beer Festival and having a flower festival on a sunday.

I have a face painter that is crb checked, making paper flowers, possibly getting a photographer that donates per purchase, paper chain making

I need a few more ideas though, not just for this day but for other simple ideas that wont cost to much to implement.

I just know you ladies will come up trumps for me



oh and it takes my mind of the ttc malarky x


  • Well... I have to do this sort of thing for work too, so here's a bit of a list...

    Guess the number of sweets in a jar

    Buy penny sweets in bulk, then sell them by doing a tuck shop, this is popular with kids & adults!

    Lucky dip


    Raffle - get prizes donated

    Pay to enter a treasure hunt & the winner gets a prize

    Cake Bake - get friends to bake cakes & donate them, then sell them on the day

    Loose change collection

    Hope this helps... image
  • A cake stall always makes money at our school fair!!

    I always run that stall so that i can get out of there quickly, we have big cakes and plates of small cakes for sale and then some little individual ones that kids can buy for 10p or 20p each.

    you can get people you know to make some and if you advertise some of your locals from the pub may offer to make them for you!
  • if you have lots of people to help why not try the human fruit machine...

    you need 3 people to sit behind a table with a covered bag in front of them with about 5 different fruit in them.

    when someone wants a go, the people behind the table put one hand in the bag shout 1-2-3 (helps get a crowd and more money!) and they each pull out a fruit.....they win a prize if they all the get the same fruit !!!!!!

    DLAM xx
  • I'm gatecrashing, but I was involved with a fundraising bounceathon!

    We hired a bouncy castle and got as many people as we could to take shifts and we bounced through the night and into the morning. People that took part collected sponsorship money and we accepted donations throughout the day. There was also a fete going on at the same time so plenty of people milling around.

    It was loads of fun and got everyone involved.

  • Oooo - love, love, love, the human fruit machine idea...may need to pinch it for our next school fair!!

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