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Breastfeeders - clothes

I am really struggling to find tops or dresses that allow me to breast feed without partially stripping off. The neck lines at the moment don't lend themselves. I am having my daughter christened in a couple of weeks and I have diddly to wear, I still have LOTS of baby wobble so I am not back in my normal clothes yet (she is 10 weeks) I just have nothing was wondering if anyone had any recommendations x


  • at the mo i'm living in very low v neck long jumpers with a vest top underneath, so the v comes down below boob, the vest top comes up and voila no one can see a thing...same principle with anything with buttons, i put a vest top on underneath, so it works in a similar way to the breastfeeding tops u get in h&m...for something a bit nicer u could get a nice wrap top/dress (couple of smart wrap tops in tesco last night) and again use a vest/cami underneath...dreading summer when layers will be out of the question. x
  • I've had a couple of dresses from for occasions, and this one from this ebay seller:

    They are a sort of jersey material, so not overly dressy, but still nice I think.

    Day to day, I do have a few H&M feeding tops, but usually I just layer - tend to do the opposite to WowBabies, I pull the vest down and the other top up, but her way sounds better (and I don't do buttons). My dd is 7 months now and only feeding once during the day (plus morning and night), and usually at home as it coincides with ds's nap time, so I'm finding it easier as I don't have to be discreet any more really - so hopefully the same will be true for you by the Summer WoWBaies - although my dd was feeding 3-hourly over the summer, and I think I still managed with layering vest tops, and a couple of H&M nursing tops. I tend to drape a muslin over too just to make sure!
  • I have a couple of feeding vest tops from h+m that have bra style clips, I stick then under any top that's loose enough to pull up, which keeps my belly and hips covered and the top of my boob covered. Low cut regular vest tops (primark) do a similar job. I did go and buy a load of looser tops and jumpers though as nothing fitted my baby belly and milky boobs! xx
  • I do the same as the others, I layer, I have a few clippy strapped feeding vests which I wear underneath, and can wear pretty much any top on top of this so long as it can be pulled up. The vest comes down under boobs and covers tummy up, then top layer comes up and covers the top of my boobs and baby covers everything else.

    I have on occasion worn v-neck feeding tops the ones which slide to one side to pop boob out, and tried to be clever with a pretty scarf but I found I was still managing to expose my boob to the world lol!
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