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I'm new to these forums but after having a natural miscarriage at 11 weeks :cry: with my first pregnancy (which sadly started on Christmas Day)I found them so helpful, its incedible how many of us go through this horrible experience but still remain ever hopeful and positive! It really helped to know that all the strange things that happen to your body during a m/c and all the tears, mood swings etc are happening to everyone else and you really are not alone.

Anyway, I was 'lucky'(if that is the right word)and my HCG levels dropped to 26 after 3 weeks and I have had just had my first AF which wasn't as horrendous as some had told me to expect and we hope to start TTC soon. I have kept up with my folic acid and have already stopped eating pate, soft cheeses, my fiance is back on cat litter duty image and back on decaff coffee. My doctor advised doing this before you are pregnant rather than waiting until you are which I hadn't heard before.. My question is.. as I am only 5ft tall and weigh 7.5 stone I worry that I am too small to carry full term (despite reassurance from my midwife that smaller women have no problem!)any stories from similiar petite ladies?

Hope we do all get those miracle Christmas babies this year!! x


  • sorry you have joined us but pleased you are back on track.

    I have no words of wisdom re the petite girls but I would imagine there should be no problems no matter what size you are!

    good uck, hope your BFP comes soon

  • Thanks! I know I am probably worrying unduly..but you do worry about allsort after, reading all the post on here is helping clam my fears though...x
  • I'm not petite but my mum is, she is a miniscule 4ft 11 and very small.. she's had 4 children who weighed 8lb 3, 8lb 6, 9lb 3 (me) and 9lb 12.. and we were all late!! Hope that puts your mind at rest xx
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