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TMI but got to ask

is anyone still bleeding? Olly was 8 weeks yesterday and i have only had a 2 day break from bleeding since he was born. One day it will be really light so i think its going to stop then i will wake up in the morning to find its heavy again, really odd.

His birth was straightforward, no episiotomy or anything like that and yet with my 1st ds i had a ventouse and had completely stopped bleding by 6 weeks



  • i think i was bleeding til around 9/10 weeks

    theres still something now but i think its coming from my episiotomy scar which hasnt full healed x
  • thanks vix glad im not on my own, poo isnt it and i must say dp's patience is wearing thin now lol.

    Littlewolves- no its on thursday, olly has his jabs etc and i think i will see the gp on the same day for my postnatal check up x
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