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Hi just to say that if anyones lo's is having trouble drinking from normal beakers, i found in asda a beaker with a straw. Yes it makes mess if tipped upside down but she loves it and drinks all of her milk. She really hasnt taken to any other beakers very well and to top it off it was just 25p!!!


  • I am having real trouble getting finley to take anything from a beaker so I will give this a go.

    Thank you for the tip, its got to be worth a try at 25p.
  • i treid beakers with Leah and she wouldnt have them until I used the nuby ones.

    they have soft tops like a bottle. tried Leah with a straw but wouldnt work x
  • I think I now have 6 different beakers and haven't found one that Amelia will actually hold. Always happy to try another one.
  • i thought she'd have trouble with the straw but took straight to it. She just refuses to use any others and its not like they are

    Its a disney one if anyone has trouble finding it.
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