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Does anyone have a Maxi Cosi Axiss?

Hi ladies,

Well I've bitten the bullet and ordered a stage 1 car seat for James. I was all set on a Britax, as the seat seemed more padded on some of these. But OH remembered me talking about the Axis, and once we saw how easy it was, we went for that instead.

We had to order it, as it's on sale in Mothercare, so must be reasonably popular.

Does anyone have a Maxi Cosi Axis, any info good or bad?

Thanks. xx


  • Yep - got one for DD - seemed a natural choice for us as I have a bad back and it is so easy to put them in without twisting etc. Seems comfy and is easy to use. Was a tight fit in our ford focus though - think seat belts are not very long. Hope you've checked it fits yoru car ......!!!! S X
  • I have a really high car and I'm relatively short so it seemed the best one for me and my baby boy. I love it.

    My mum has the maxi cosi priori in a Clio and while it's a good car seat, it's such an effort to get him in and out of.

    Have it fitted though. It's a bugger to fit yourself! I think Halfords charge a nominal fee for fittings that haven't been bought through them.

    x x
  • Thanks for your replies. The lady brought the display model out and tried it in the car. We have a Chevy, so not that common, so would have always got it checked.

    We will have it fitted by the Mothercare assistant when we pick it up from the store next week.

    My friend has a Ford Focus, and the seat belts were a problem. When we wanted to go out together, James's rear facing car seat was a tight fit. To the point where it was almost needing to be upright to get the seat belt round, then push it down! image xx
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