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Wonderful scan experience :)

Well had my scan yesterday at 14+5 (finally!) and it was great! I was sat in the waiting area when I was approached by a midwife who wanted to poach me for a research project. It's to do with monitoring the growth of babies in the womb ... and just means I get 3D scans each time including an extra one at 27 weeks. I snapped her hand off! The scans are also a bit longer and very thorough... in fact the sonographer was already able to tell me that I'm having a little boy image I don't know what to do with boys! The whole experience was fantastic, it felt more like a private scan than NHS and has really put my mind at ease after all my illness.

Hope everyone else is well image


  • Wonderful news Helen, so pleased for you!

    Glad all is well with bump!

    That really is an amazing pic! Sounds like a great research project and fab for you to be getting an extra scan and even better in 3D.

  • Wow sounds great, lucky you! Ooh a boy... Makes me wonder what I'm getting next time! X
  • Fab news sweetie and congratulations on the blue bump - little boys are a joy and a delight (as are little girls of course) - super that you get extra scans i will look forward to seeing the pics.

    Much Love

    Jo xxxx
  • awww thats wonderful, im very pleased for you.

    how lucky to be approached with that!

    congratulations again x
  • Oh wow Helen, well firstly congratulations seeing as I am just back I am totally out of the loop with whats going on, I will catch up though.

    The scan photo is great, lucky you getting all these scans too.

  • WOW!!

    Thats fab news - you'll have one of each now then. thats fantastic.


    Top pic!!

    Hope you're feeling better. X
  • thats fantastic news congrats on a blue bump xx
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