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Starting on Provera and Clomid FINALLY!!!!

Hello ladies. I'm not sure if any of you remember me, I pop and and out a lot. DH and I have a 4 year old son and I had a miscarriage in April 2009. We've been trying ever since to have another baby. I switched doctors and my new doctor did more tests the first day I seen him than my other doctor did in 9 years!!! (I am only 24 though). My new doctor recently diagnosed me with PCOS and decided to give me Clomid. I started Provera today to induce a period since I have very irregular cycles. I am anxious to start the Clomid, but I was wondering if anyone has had, or knows anyone who has had success with Provera and Clomid, or at least with Clomid. I have decided to start posting every few days so that I can share my experiences with everyone and hopefully end with a BFP!!! I've read so many good stories that I cannot help but think it will work for sure. If the Provera works how it should, I should be starting my first round of Clomid around Valentines day (the day after my bday!!!). So here's to a blessed 2011 for us all. And of course lots of baby dust!!!! image


  • Iv not got any useful iv not taken either!!But I am hoping too. Got my appt this afternoon and hoping they will give me the same provera and clomid too. As iv not had a period since 12th Nov now!!!

    So i will be following your story and hopefully we'l both get our BFP's soon!!!

  • Whoop whoop the doc did just that got some provera and clomid!!!!!

  • So glad to hear that you got it!!! Are you taking it today? If so, we can be cycle buddies! I had no symptoms yesterday, except that it did make me a little drowsy. But when I woke up this morning, I had period-like cramps which I still have. Also some minor leg cramps, but it's nothing severe. I would recommend taking it at night though, I took my first one yesterday at 3 PM and had to take a nap around 4 lol. I hope this works for us both image
  • I'm not going to start taking just yet as trying to time it just right as hubby is away for a while and when he's back he's not back for long then off again! So timing is everything!!!

    But I think I'l b taking the provera in about 2 weeks so I'l get my period n hopefully ov while hubby is home!!!!

    Iv got to take 2 tablets a day so will take one in morn and the next one at night.

    I'm so excited!!!

  • That's a smart idea. I really wish the best for you!!! My cousin took Provera and clomid 4 years ago and she got pregnant the first cycle, unfortunately her son passed away 3 days after he was born but it had nothing to do with the clomid. She tried it again in 2010 but it didn't work, and she was put on metformin and it worked the first time, she's now pregnant with a little boy again. I took Provera last summer to start a period but I stopped after a few days bc of the bad cramps and it felt like a ton of pressure was on my bladder. Even though I stopped the medicine the last time I still ended up starting my period a couple days later, but I didn't have clomid for that cycle. This will be my first time taking it, so I am super excited too. I took my 2nd Provera pill today and it made me a little drowsy again but not enough to actually need to go to sleep, so I think once you get use to it then it'll be fine. What mg is your Provera?
  • Iv heard gd things about Clomid too, so I have my fingers crossed for us! Wouldn't it b great if we both caught first cycle we could then b bump buddies as I'l only b 2 weeks behind u taking my provera!!!

    Iv got 10mg of provera

  • That would definitely be great!!! I'm keeping everything crossed for us both!!! (well, I can't really cross my legs lol). I really hope that we can be one of the success stories of Clomid. Are you nervous about having multiples? I know everyone says it's only a small percentage, but I've read so many stories of women getting multiples just from 50mg of Clomid. I wouldn't mind twins, but anything more than that is nerve racking. But whatever the case, I will be so happy just to get pregnant again. I am also taking 10mg of Provera. I didn't have any bad or major side effects from my 3rd pill, (sorry if it's tmi) but I have noticed a constant "wet" feeling, so I think it might be affecting my CF, I've also felt slightly aroused all day (I guess it's a good thing for DH!!!). I am so glad I didn't have any cramping today though. Im so excited for you to start your round too. I have not felt this positive about ttc for a long time!!! Lots of baby dust for us!!!
  • I'm not worried about multiple pregnancy I would actually love to have twins, not sure about triplets etc but I guess if it happens it happens like u said I'd just b happy to b pregnant.

    I know what u mean about finally feeling positive about ttc that's exactly how I feel too!

    I'm sooooo excited to start mine too! But as it's all to do with timing I'm going to wait and hopefully the timing will b perfect!!!

  • I wish I had more patience lol today will be my 5th day taking it and I'm already soooo anxious for day 10 to be here!!! I just hope that it won't be a long wait to get my period when the 10 days are over. I forgot to mention I was diagnosed with PCOS and that's why I can't seem to easily get pregnant. We conceived naturally both times, so I consider my son a miracle, and even though we lost our 2nd pregnancy, it was still a miracle I got pregnant without trying. It's so draining when we all want to be pregnant so badly and keep getting bfns image but I'm confident that it will happen for us all image. I guess patience is the key.
  • Iv just been to see my friend with her little boy who's not even a month making me more excited!!!

    I too have pcos which is why we are having trouble too!

    Also had a Chen pg back in June which was sooooo hard. I just have my fingers crossed that the Clomid works and works first cycle!

  • We've got a lot in common, hopefully we can be bump buddies soon!!! I think I am only going to take 5 of the 10 Provera. My doctor told me that it will still work to start my cycle so I'll let you know if it works. I think it might just take a couple days longer to start but I'm ok with that. Fingers crossed!!!
  • Yeah sounds like we do have a lot in common Hun. I do have our fingers crossed we are bump buddies!

    I was thinking about only taking half my tablets but not sure as I'd hate for it not to work.

    Also at my consultation I'm sure I remember the dic saying to only use Comid on the cycles when hubby is around. As my hubby is going to b away on and off for a while. Have u heard that's ok? I'm worried if I take for the first month n didnt catch that I'l get my AF but if I don't take Clomid fir the next cycle ( which hubby is away for ) my AF won't turn up and b stuck in the same boat I was before!

    Does that make sense????

  • Hi ladies can i join your thread?

    I am on my 2nd month of taking clomid as I also have PCOS.

    I had clomid a couple of years back and got BFP on 2nd month and scan showed twins but unfortunately ended in MC at about 8 weeks.

    Have been TTC 'naturally' since then but recently decided we needed a bit of extra help again and went back to the fertility clinic to pester for more clomid. I am due AF on 13th Feb but am keeping fingers crossed that it will not show as 13th Feb 2 years ago was when I lost my last babies and that will be a huge kick in the teeth if AF shows on that day.

    Clomid is wonderful stuff when it works.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

  • Faye-the first time I took Provera I only took it for a few days and it did still being on my cycle, but if I were you I would just go ahead and take all 10 just to be on the safe side. I'd hate for it to not work for you, especially when you only have limited time with your hubby. I didn't take the rest of mine, I took 5 so today is the first day I stopped taking them, so I will let you know if/when mine actually starts.

    Sweetie-I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. You're more than welcome to join us :0). I'm glad that it worked so quickly for you the last time, so hopefully (fingers crossed) this will be your lucky month! February 13th is actually my birthday, and sadly I'm looking more forward to starting my Clomid than my actual birthday lol. I just feel like no birthday gift could be better than being able to get pregnant. If my Provera works, I should start my period by the weekend, so I'm praying that you don't start and that I do!!! Lol

    Are either of you taking Folic Acid? I've been taking it for the past 2 weeks but I'm not sure exactly what it does. I know that it's suppose to help prevent birth defects when you actually do get pregnant, but I wonder if it also makes your follicles better for ovulation?
  • Course sweetie ur more than welcome to join the thread. Sorry to hear about ur mc, and intact my fingers crossed ur AF stays away And BB that IRS dies! Isn't it funny how I'm looking forward to get my period and gettin properly started.

    I do hope Clomid works soon for us all, we call all b bump buddies!

    Iv stopped taking FA as Iv been taking it religiously for the 13/14 months ttc!! Spent a fortune on the stuff but I will start taking it again once I get my period.

  • Still no sign of AF image. I was hoping it would be today or tomorrow but I don't feel like I am going to start at all. I really hope to by the weekend. I'm overly excited to start the Clomid. Faye how much longer do you have until you start your Provera? And Sweetie what day are you on?
  • Heya Hun.

    I think it takes a few days doesn't it for AF to turn up, I was expecting to wait a few days 2-3 ish. I'm going to start taking provera tomorrow Hun! I'm trying to work it so I ov when hubby is back as he might only b back for 2 weeks then off again for a month!!

    Does ov normally happen like it's supposed to on Clomid or can it still b all over the place???

    I'm getting excited now!!!!! X x
  • Hi, just wondering if I can join you girls?

    I don't really come on here often so not clued up on all the abbreviations but here goes.

    I have a 19 month old boy who was a clomid baby. We were TTC for a few years without success. I was give 50mg clomid and conceived my son on the second cycle. I'm now trying for baby number two, again with 50mg clomid and i'm nearing the end of cycle two, AF should be due tomorrow (going by my last cycle) and think I can feel it coming. I had an appt with my nurse last week who told me that in most cases you conceive on the same cycle as you did previously but I'm convinced AF is on its way.

    I was told OV would be all over the place, not sure if they just meant for me personally or in general if taking clomid. Xx
  • Heya maiseymoo course please do join us.

    Nice to chat with some who has a Clomid little bubba.

    Fingers crossed AF doesn't turn up and ur BFP does instead.

    Don't worry bout the abbreviations, ul pick them up BFP is big fat positive

    There's a thread some where that explains all if them. But like I said ul pick them up.

    How long u been ttc ur 2nd Hun? Because u had Clomid to concieve ur first did they just give u

    Clomid without having to go through it all again to get Clomid?

  • Blessed- Iv not read anywhere that FA helpls with follicles,I think it is just to help prevent birth defects. Although I think I have read somewhere that a study showed women who took FA 12months prior to conception had a much lower risk of having a prem baby, will try and find the link for you. I hope AF shows soon for you so you can get started with the clomid. I am on month 2 of clomid CD30 and if cycle is same as last month I had a 33day cycle so should be due AF on Sunday.

    Faye- Where have u been getting your FA from as in superdrug they have it for about ??1-??2 and they are normally BOGOF I think??

    Hi maisymoo welcome and GL, I hope your AF didnt show today??! Not sure about OV being all over the place on clomid as I havent been tracking OV just making sure we BD at least every couple of days!!


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