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Here we go again......scan pics included!!

Hi Ladies
My scan went well thanks to those of you who asked!!

Only 1 baby, measuring at least a week bigger than he or she should already!! Here we go again, got a sense of deja vu!!



Appologies for poor quality of the scan pics, i have taken photos of them. I will redo them at a later time!!


  • Caroline, glad all went well. Love the pictures, and it does sound like you are in for another big baby. xx
  • Hi Caroline, i've been dying to hear!!! So glad all went well, another big baby then? or maybe he/she will come early? Either way get your xmas shopping done early!!! XXX
  • they're lovely pics! isaac was about a week ahead in size throughout my pregnancy so maybe baby wont be too big if he/she just stays at that! Isaac was 8lb 7oz, chunky but not too big
  • Oh i missed this post and just replied on the lounge one so don't think i'm mad!! Thats great that everything is ok and i was right with just the 1 but i said there'd be a few jelly tots in there too. Great news!!
  • I know I sent you a text but just wanted to say I'm pleased it all went ok.

    Zoe xx
  • Oh thats soooo cool to hear everything is going ok Caroline - cant wait now for the next scan - will you find out what your having at that one?
  • Hi Caroline i know we've text but i just wanted to say 'yay'!!!! here too! so glad it went well and you're having 1 (big) baby!!!

    x x x x x x x
  • aww what cute pics is like he/she is facing u and u can see his/her limbs at the side


  • I'm really pleased for you that everything went well.

  • I'm glad it all went well!!!
    Cameron always measured at least 2 weeks bigger than he should and he was only 8lb 5oz at birth. Although i think Smurfy will be a bit bigger than that!!! lol
  • Thanks ladies, they are really good pics but you can't see them on here!! Tasha, Sarah, Zoe and Kas - thanks for the texts!!! Claire, baby is facing us on 1 pic - looks very strange to me!

    Bronwyn measured more than 1 week bigger at 12 weeks, 3 weeks bigger by the 20 week scan and 7 weeks bigger by birth!!!!

    I have an appointment with the specialist and my 20 week scan on 8th July!

    The sonographer nearly fell out with smurfy due his / her reluctance to sit still long enough for her to do her job!!!! Got to be a male!!

    I have a new due date of the 29th Nov, but as per last year its not even a possibility!!! I did try and explain that i knew when smurfy was conceived, but the health professionals "know best".

    Mel, thank you so much for the jelly tots! Getting excited about them as after my bout of tummy bug I am now up to eating again!!!!
  • Hi ya.
    They are good pic,i can see them ok.
    Good luck with the 20wk scan.
  • Mel, they will let me keep plodding on I think. That is what they did with Bronwyn and I was immense! My midwife hadn't seen anyone of my height with such a big bump. She will keep an eye on me and keep referring my back to the hopsital if necessary!
  • Caroline, i am so pleased that the scan went well and there is only one baby.
    Also really glad that you are feeling better and can eat again.

    Are we due another bump picture yet!
  • Ooooh i think so Simone!!!!

    Come on Caroline, let's see the bump!!
  • I am scared to show you my bump! You might ring greenpeace to get the whale removed!!! hehe
  • Ahh dont be like that,im sure your blooming quite nicely.
    Have the family been informed yet or have they guessed.
  • We want to see it!
  • The majority of my family and some friends still have no idea!!!! Its getting pretty obvious though!!
  • they are gret pics
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