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Oh how exciting!!!!

Oh look girls our new forum is here! How strange and exciting to have moved from 'expecting' to 'born in'! Feels like its been a long journey but we're here! Yay!

Taylor is our first baby and we brought her home yesterday, I was quite anxious about how we'd get on as we have very little experience with little babies! But I have to say I'm just loving it! She's such a poppet and seems to be feeding well and sleeping well which is making life nice and simple for us and so far it's just good fun! I know it's gonna get harder when OH goes back to work in a weeks time, but I'm hoping i'll be recovered well enough from the c-sec to manage by then.

How are these early days going for you other Feb mums out there?



  • I'm so jealous, I shouldn't really be posting in here yet, I'm still a fully paid up member of Due in Feb!!

    But I'm excited as you are that we have a born in forum, woohoo!

    Congratulations on Taylor, glad it is all going well, and hopefully I will be joining you soon to discuss baby matters!

    Nell xx
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