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I normally post in ttc but I had to stop ttc and will restart in June so hence planning instead..

Anyway I have reacently found out I have endometriosis and my gynea now wants me to stop the pill I am on (Yasmin)which I am happy with and start Cerazette.

I have done some research (as you do!) and read some real horror stories about this pill.

I am really in two minds as what to do now??

Wondered if any of you ladies have been/are on Cerazette, and if you have stopped taking it has your period returned ok?

Thanks in advance

Summer xx


  • hi i got pregnant on cerazette best thing that ever happend to me xx good luck ttc :lol:
  • Oh, ok so that was the only side effect for you then :lol:

    Pretty good I must say!

    Thanks xxx
  • Odd, I was on Cerezette and had to be treated for endo, then got put on Yasmin and its fine....

    Don't recall how periods were because I went straight from one pill to another.

    Sorry, not much help, just interested me that the doctor is swapping you from one to the other, the other way than I was.
  • Hey gemster, that is interesting.From what I understand estrogen is not good for endo (can make it worst) and carezette is progesteron only pill.

    I am still on Yasmin, just about to finish pack and then should start the carazette, my gynea wants me to take it back to back so no withdrawal bleed.

    Are you taking Yasmin back to back or 21 day and then week off??

    Just interested as I am really not too happy about taking a pill non stop?

  • Hi there. I am not ttc yet but hopefully will soon. I have been on cerazette now for about 5 years and have not had a period at all. I would like to hear what horror stories you have heard as I have not had any problems at all with it.

    Does anyone know how long it will take for my periods to get back to normalonce I come off it to ttc?
  • 21 days and then a week off.

  • Becky glad to hear you have no problems with this pill.

    What I have heard and REALLY worry about is periods not returning for ages.. Becky hope that is not the case with you.

    I know that can happen with any pill but with Yasmin my cycle was spot on soon after stopping..

    Other most common side effects that kept coming up were

    Weight gain, acne and loss of sex drive..

    Really hope that is not gonna happen as I could not think of a worst combination lol

    Gemstar I see, as much as I hate having af I think I'll find it weird not to have one at all..

    Good luck all

  • I was a bit worried about not having af but after a while I got used to it. I did have a bit of spotting the first month but then nothing for 5 years.

    I must admit that I do not have a big sex drive anyway which is mainly due to my past and being overweight have been before started on this pill).

    I was on microgynon 30 for 7 years before Cerazette and I had af like clockwork in my pill free week but as soon as I changed to Cerazette it completely went.

    I was only 24 when they changed my pill and the nurse told me that they don't normally give it to someone so young but because I was so overweight and my bp was high they thought it was the best thing.

    The only thing I am now worried about now is coming off to ttc. As I said before, I had never heard of the side effects when coming off this pill and am now very nervous. Either way I would have to come off it but it does seem very daunting.

    Good luck with which ever pill you choose Summer x
  • i was on cerazette before ttc and had no problems with my periods returning. i had a period exactly one month after stopping taking it and got pregnant the following month. I am back on it now. try not to worry. xx
  • Thank you Becky and good luck to you also image

    Meadowbird that is really reassuring to hear, thanks!

  • hi!

    am on cerazette and have been for about 12 years. the onlyproblems i have from it are irregular periods! but we are hoping to try for kids later on this year! hope you're okay on the cerazette! x image
  • I was on this pill but it made me bleed constantly so was no good for me.

    as it is a mini pill you normally take it every day with no break and have to take it at same time every day (or within 3 hours) xx
  • With Cerazette you can take it up to 12 hours after the 24hrs between pills. For example, I take mine at around 10pm everynight, basically just before going to bed. But if I miss it, I know I have until 10am the next day to take it and I will still be covered from the previous pill.

    I hope that makes sense x
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