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OMG, the greatest invention!

Hello ladies

For those of you with babas who don't like being put down, I've just invested in the baba sling so I can get some housework done and within 2 minutes of being in it Daniel has gone to sleep image it's around ??40 but so far so good, and it has some fantastic reviews image

Just thought I would share my find as I know a few of us have babas who love lots of hugs. This way they get what they want and we can do what needs doing image



  • Yep I use a baby carrier sling type thing too, sends DS more or less straight away, leaving my hands free image

  • It really shocked me that he liked it cos I bought one of the normal ones for Harrison and sold it after a few days cos he hated it. I'm assuming Daniel likes this one coshe can lay down in it as if I'm actually holding him. I've managed to cook Harrison's t and mine and dh's with DW fast asleep, success image

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