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Iv put this post up in Due In September, but then thought i could put it in here as well as some of you ladies that are further along in your pregnancy may have experienced it and have some tips or advice?

Im getting a headache everyday now and im really struggling to cope with the pain!

Obviously i cant take any medication so the only thing i can do is sleep, but thats impossible at work!

Im drinking lots of water so its not dehydration.

Im just getting to the point where i cant take anymore....i have one even now

I got home from work last night with a really bad one and slept from 6.45pm to 8am this morning with no dinner as i was in SO much pain

Is anyone else getting them, or have any advie to give me?


  • I'll be watching out for this one too if you don't mind as i'm also suffering from headaches. They started really bad, I was getting one everyday and then they tailed off. I was worrying this week that I wasn't getting any symptoms (i'm 7+3) but then since weds i've had terrible nausea and the headaches have come back. I feel like I permanently have a hangover but without the wild nights! I've just been having a lie down but work gets really busy next week so i'm dreading it! I'm going out for a curry with my husbands work mates tonight and am dreading it, all I want to do is lie down and sleep!

    Hope we find a cure soon!xx
  • I suffered with pre-eclampsia in my last pregnancy but you can only get that from 20weeks. One of the main signs off that is High BP, Headaches with visual disturbances and swelling of hands feet and face.

    One thing I will say though my consultant said to me that headaches are easily triggered from computer screens / TV and flouresent lighting. When I was working I use to get headaches here and there being stood infront off a till and the strip lighting use to do cause me agro.

    Best thing is to consult your GP. I'm pretty sure in the first & third trimester you can take paracetamol 2nd trimester you can have Ibruphen but best to check first. I know I was always told to contact my GP if i had any problems before 17wks but i suppose its all down to individual areas.
  • I had headaches very badly for a number of weeks from about 12w, I used 4head - a natural topical headache balm you put on your head which worked if I used it before it got bad, if this doesn't work you are allowed to take paracetamol at the recommended dosage and this was what I had to do as mine were like migraines. As far as I know ibuprofen is a no no all through PG unless given by your doctor so I would stick to the paracetamol which I know is ok.

    The bad news is the headaches lasted several weeks, the good news is they do stop, mine was a combination of hormones surging and tension and stress in my neck muscles, but I have heard other people say that just the hormones increasing has given them bad headaches.

    Hope you both feel better soon. I only get the odd one now as I would normally - but have plenty of other ailments instead! :lol:
  • I've always suffered with bad headaches and it happens often at the moment too, I hate going to bed with one and waking up with it too.

    You can take paracetemol and I would take it every 4 hours as reccomended it will help. Also if you fold up a wet tea towel lengthways and put it in the freezer for a bit (put 2 in so you've got one ready once the first goes warm) you can use this on your forehead, it really works too for the ones that are right at the front and in your eyes. Together with the pain killers it should really help.
  • Hiya

    Sorry to hear you are suffering with headaches, I had them too, sporadically up to about 16 weeks or so. The midwife told me that it was likely to be hormone surges and that it was ok to take paracetamol. (I had not been taking anything up to 12 weeks when I saw her as didn't think I should but she said it was absolutely fine at normal dosage). Thank goodness!

    Good news is they have completely gone now.

    Hope you get some relief from them.

  • I to have been suffering from really bad headaches, I went to the consultant yesterday and I asked and he said its usually just hormonal they said my bp was fine so its nothing to worry about. He advised me to take paracetemol not ibroprufun or paracetemol that contains asprin, he said it doesnt harm the baby and being in pain and stressed is worse.

    Hth Im 16 weeks tomorrow and the headaches are getting better. image
  • Thank you for all your replies, im so glad im not alone! I thought i was going insane last week! And thank you for all your good ideas!

    It got so bad on Sunday (almost like a migraine) that i broke down to my OH's mum and just couldnt stop crying, it was really getting to me!

    I had the day off yesterday and had my Midwife appointment and i mentioned it to her, she told that it's quite normal, drink lots, have plenty of rest, eat often....all the things i am doing! lol

    Im a lot happier today though, i didnt have a headache yesterday and i havent got one today! My sickness has eased lots and even the tiredness isnt toooo bad! Let's hope it's a sign of things to come! Maybe week 12 will be my saviour and i wont feel like poo anymore :lol:
  • I feel for you as I am the same.

    I go to bed with one and wake up with one. All I do is sleep whenever I get the chance and I have resulted to taking a paracetomol in the evening with a cold compress on my head which does really help.

    I am 13 weeks today, however have found out its twins so I may get more headaches due to the extra hormones, so I can see me spending a lot of time off work sleeping in a dark room.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon, it will get better as will the sickness xx
  • Ive been getting tension headaches starting at 12 weeks. I notice i get them when i get up early, so most of the time when i get up for work which triggers my morning sickness off. Once im up and about the headache goes, very strange.

    Sometimes ive had them in the day too, i generally use 4head and it works or i put a cold flannel on my head. I usually use these methods before taking paracetamol. If i werent pregnant i would of just took the paracetamol straight away :lol:

    MPP + Bean (14+6)

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