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Goodbye, hope to see you at The Nest

Hi ladies, not been on in a long time as I was amongst those rather peeved at the whole personal information leak episode. I've just come back on to say goodbye, really, and leave directions for those who would like to stay in touch with me.

If anyone does want to keep in touch I, along with many other old BE faces, am now posting on a forum called The Nest:

It's smaller than BE but very friendly, and properly moderated.

Thanks so much to all of those who have offered advice and been a friend to me here. I feel a bit sad after all these years, but rather than just ranting about it I feel I need to vote with my feet.

Really hope to see some of you over at The Nest.


  • Oh, i've no idea what has happened. I feel rather sad as i've only just got back to using this. Will check out the nest!

    What a shame, i thought it was quiet on here. I've always loved using this site as you were all so great with advice.

    Hopefully spk to you all soon x
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