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My baby was born in my car

Hi girls, i left for a while but have now rejoined, i did post a brief ba on our fb page but havent been on here for ages as i left. Just a quick post my baby girl was born on the 4th of feb at 00:15 am on the front seat of my car outside the local birth centre. Left it a bit late to leave the house and knew i wouldnt make it to the hospital that i was booked for so told oh to take me to the birth centre but never made it out of the car, head was crowning as we got there, but oh managed to get a midwife out, (as well as 2 porters,a sister from casualty and a few stunned passers by) just in time to catch her, it was mad. She weighed 7lb 5oz, called her Abigail Jade,had a few stitches and came home later that day.She is perfect and her 2 big brothers love her to bits image


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