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Not enough time,taken me too long!

Hi All

Sorry I havent been on for a while god it's busy having 3 children!.

How is everyone and our little bundles?

Charlie is now almost 3 months! crazy gone way to fast he's a big boy almost 15lbs!, worried that might be a bit too big!.

2nd injections today and he was a very brave boy!.

Hope everyone is well.xx


  • I hope 15lbs isnt too heavy, Millient was 12 and a half at 8 weeks haha getting her weighed tomoz i reckon she will be about 14lbs now.

    Glad his injections went well, i hated taking Millie. Hoping hubby is back for her 2nd lot lol

  • Iz has her second lot tomorrow hate hate hate it. I didn't go in last time Hubby took her in while I cried in the waiting room. He will be taking her again tomorrow.
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