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Delayed development

Hi my son is nearly 18 months and yesterday we saw a peadatrician due to delayed development slight tremour and clumsyness

he started crawling at 8 months pulled him self up at 10 months and walked with a walker and at 12 months he stood unaided.however at 14-15 months he could no longer use his walker or stand unaided.he is also extremly clumsy and falls over his arms when crawling. He has a slight tremour but doesn't do that so often now

He doesn't have anywords and I'm not sure if he understands everything as he should

he needs to have an MRI, blood test, chromosome test, hearing test, speach therapist, physiotherapist and someone come to house to monitor him more closely

I don't really know what I'm hoping I guess for just other peoples advice and experiences? Any would be gratefully recieved!!



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