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60% of parents can't afford a 2nd baby...

We had The Wright Stuff on in the background this morning and according to today's papers, 60% of parents say they can't afford to have another child. Here's the clip from the programme, although it doesn't go into details:

The article is in the Mail as far as I can gather:

So almost 2/3 of parents want a second but can't have one, according to this survey...



  • well I always wanted to have two children (TTC first baby) and so has dh but recently we have discussed the possibility that we may only be able to afford one. Not just everyday living but also because I'm the main wage earner and we couldn't afford to do two lots of maternity leave. Having to save like mad for the first one!
  • I think 'working' parents find it hard to have more children due to childcare cost, if my LO went back full time it would cost over ??1000 a month........surely if this was better subsidised/monitors (not just for low income families as middle class get hit badly in lots of ways) then it would encourage people to go back.
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