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kinda newbie here!!

hello all!!

i dont no if you remember me but i was always on the my baby is due in november forum!!

my little girl was born the 28th november, 5 days late and weighing a shocking 8lbs 10oz!!

my contractions started dead on midnight on the saturday after me and my other half had a final go at buggin baby out and it worked!! lol!! i got to hospital at 2:00 am, my contactions wasnt regular so had to have my waters broken for me, i was pushing for 2 hours!! i managed on just gas and air!! and sunday afternoon she arrived!!

im loving every minute of it i wouldnt change her for the world and cant imagine wat life was like without her!! how is everyone doing and findin it all??



  • aww congratulations! so pleased all went well for you.

    My little Oliver is 15 weeks on weds and cant believe how fast it's going. He needs a pause button!

    x x x
  • Congratulations and glad to hear your enjoying being a mummy it's fab isn't it?

    kyle was born on the 13th Dec in the end 13days lates weighing 8lb 14and half oz's and hasn't stopped growing since image

    Thankfully he's a really chilled out little man but time is passing to quick.

    X x
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