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the witch

Morning ladies.

How are you all, I hope everyone is good and feeling positive. Unfortunatly I am not feeling positive, I am 8 dpo and since yesterday had period type cramps, I haven't had these for my last few periods. I am sure the witch is coming to get me...... Its not over until she arrives though so will try not to think about it too much :/

Good luck to everyone testing over the next few days!!!!!



  • Awh VixV, not wanting to set you up for a fall chickadee but like you say you aren't out yet! Implantation cramps? Hoping she stays away for you. I'm just waiting for her too, probably going to show her evilness tomorrow i reckon image If it is the witch maybe our bodies are just going to make an extra comfy lining in there for a little sticky bean next month! Sending lots of PMA xo image
  • Sorry Double Post!
  • good luck to you too! mine will prob show up on saturday its my birthday so it would be typical, I would rather just know though to be honest. I have a baby already and have been trying to remember what i felt like the month I fell pregnant with him but i cant remember. Well what will be will be.

    let me know how you get on!

  • Hello. Thought I'd join the chat. AF got me yesterday so will keep my fingers crossed she stays away for you guys. If not, we're likely to be cycle buddies so it'll be nice to have some people to take my mind off the 2WW. I was awful this month - tested twice before it was even likely I could get a positive result! Hoping to exercise more self-restraint next month!! x
  • Oh Huglibear sorry she got you. To be honest I've been pretty clueless about this TTC stuff until joining BE. Been reading through posts and wondering how i didn't know this stuff before now, so not really suprised if I'm out... but it's good to have company (although I know everyone is rooting to see each other get out of the TTC stage).

    As for testing, yes i thought i'd be more restrained... may have to have hubby hide them and ration them only when AF is actually late, not every day for 6 days before she's due lol :lol:
  • Hey!

    I would normally have tested by now, I normally start testing from cd 29 and that was monday but because I used ov sticks this month I know i ovulated last tues and dont really want to test until 14 dpo in the hope that is she hasnt showed by then it might be BFP!!!

    Weird I now have clear mucus stuff, v strange at this time of the month.

    Sorry the witch got you Huglibear, are you using ov sticks or trying to go with the flow at the mo?

    How long have you botyh been trying for?

  • Hi ladies

    Hope you dont mind me joining this Thread, witch is coming to get me too image already feeling the usual cramps, AF should show up tomorrow or friday. Im trying not to test at least until sunday.

    good luck Vizv
  • Mine is due on saturday too and ive had cramps for the past 9 days on and off... its either a pg sign or the witch is being particularly cruel this month.

    I havent been temping so no idea how temps look... which is making me symptom spot - argh!

    Good luck and hope we both get good news on sat. image
  • good luck girls, fingers crossed for good news from you soon! I'm only just about ov right now so won't know anything for a while yet

  • ohhhh it would be great for us to all get our bfps! exciting times. I am 9 dpo today no period yet, thinking i might test on saturday now, although am worried that if it is bfn I will spend my birthday all down in the dumps but on the other hand if its bfp then wooohooo what a great birthday pressent! What do you ladies think?

    When are you planning on testing if the witch doesnt or hasnt already gotten you?

  • VixV only getting back online (boss is around today!!) Well that's a good sign AF hasn't turned up yet!! Very impressed at your willpower not to test. What a birthday present! Really hope it's a BFP for you, fc xxx

    (((hugs))) for those who got caught by the witch and FC for all still waiting. AF not just shown up for me yet but i'm pretty sure she's lurking image expecting it some time today. Still we're not TTC that long and didn't BD on right dates at all so no surprise really :roll: Roll on next month, although not sure I want to be lying in labour ward on Christmas day so still thinking about whether to wait a month :?

    Best wishes, let us know how it goes, I can't resist logging on every half hour now just to see if there's more good news for the TTC ladies xo
  • Hi. This was our first month TTC so not long. I don't have ov sticks or anything like that. Went off CM last month but was very new to it all so not sure we BD'd enough. I was going to start taking my temperature each morning this month but did it for the past 2 days and got 36.7 and then 36.3 and my mind went mad with why there was such a difference so think it'd drive me crazy if I did it for the whole month!

    Weirdly my AF only lasted 2 1/2 days (from Mon lunch to last night, with a minature bit today but nothing needing a pad). Hope they all stay like that!

    Wonky Donkey - I agree about not wanting a Christmas baby but not sure we'll be taking a break for a month. Think I'll see what happens this month and then decide. Plus you never know, baby could be early or late and end up being at Christmas even if you've planned for earlier or later!

    VixV - I tested the day before my birthday as I didn't want a BFN on my birthday. Fingers crossed you're luckier than I was if you hold out that long! x
  • I really hope this is it for you hun!!!! I am due this wkend too but am so scared of testing! It makes my stomach turn! Its only month 2 for me and last month i didnt get AF til cd39 so did 3 tests and it was horrible getting that neg - esp when i fell 1st month with my little girl and had all the same cramps etc i had with her! Now i realise it was prob pill coming out of my system. I feel quite normal this month which makes me certain its neg for me. Im on cd36 today and for past week had lower back ache, crampy pains and on and off sore boobs but nothing major. Strange thing is i get achey/crampy mainly on left hand side of tum. Feeling achy tonight tho so reckon AF is gona get me v.soon!

    FC for everyone!!!!!
  • ALso re the CM, mine is mainly quite clear and some days hardly anything there. Seeing as i CM watch most of the month for the ewcm i dont have a clue what its meant to be like now! Usually it dries up totally when AF comes but then i was on pill before so everythings different now ARGHHHHH!!!
  • Hey everyone!

    How are you all feeling today, hope those of you that are still waiting for the witch are managing to avoid her! She still hasnt got me, now 10dpo). I am sooooo scared to test and dont want to do it too early so might now wait until next week, maybe 14dpo. Although if I can get that far without testing I will be very surprised!

    Silly I know but I worked out if I was preggers my due date would be 31/10 lol!

    Bethsmummy - that must be so frustrating that you fell in your 1st month and with your last child and it didnt turn out that way this time. I fell in my 3rd month with my little boy and this is my 3rd month of trying for our second.

    Fingers crossed that the witch doesnt arrive for anyone today!

  • morning ladies

    i'm today :? no AF yet. Think she's just late (being extra evil) but just wish she'd show up today because otherwise I'm looking at a 30 day cycle and I had previously been 27 or 28 days, which i was quite pleased with.

    VixV, still loving your willpower not to test but yip makes sense to hold out and yay for no AF yet... looking good hun xo here's hopin 31/10/11 is indeed your due date. And huge Birthday Wishes for tomorrow, I hope you have a really lovely day and AF stays well away! image

    Hope everyone else also has a lovely weekend xo
  • Wonkey_donkey, how long will you leave it until you test? hope its BFP and not a long cycle, i hate having long cycles. i started to get good 28 day cycles and now thats all gone to pot last month was 40 days and I am now on day 33. God dam long cycles!

    I think the long cycles is why I am so scared to test last month I tested 3 times before af arrived lol.

    Surely I cant have another 40 day cycle if I ov'd 10 days ago?!?!?!?!!

    I forgot how this ttc could stress you out and it wasnt that long ago that I was trying for my son.

    thanks for the birthday wishes, hope af doesnt come tomorrow but I suppose if she does I can drink more than a couple of glasses of wine tomorrow night! lol.

  • Pretty sure it's AF, weirdly i have this one spot on my lower chin that seems to break out in exactly the same place with AF is coming!!! image And feeling normal AF pains so really not thinking it's worth a test...but there's always a little part of you thinking maybe, just maybe. Still, trying not to set myself up for a fall.

    Nope long cycles are not fun, so hoping it's a BFP for you then you won't even need to think about that prospect! Really hopeful for you xo
  • Witch came and got me today :cry::cry:

    Good luck ladies
  • rb28 - dam that witch, make sure you eat plenty of choc and drink wine!

    Its wierd that you posted last night and that i am reading it today because of your name and the fact that i am 28 today lol.

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