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Hey, Oliver is now 15 weeks and we've started thinking about when to wean etc and what to start on.

What are you girls doing? When are you weaning and how will you do it x


  • Hi izzy, Its abit quiet on here. I gave birth in oct so i'm usually over in oct forum.

    I started weaning at 14 weeks just rice at lunchtime for a few days then at night just 2 spoons. Now 17 weeks im giving lo 3 small meals of purees he loves it.

    When did u have ur baby?

  • We have decided we are going to wait until the advisory 6 months. She goes through the night most nights but if she stops I will just feed her again. When she is ready will start on babyrice and purees although I would quite like to ivestigate BLW as an option since we have been demand feeding and I think it might fit better. When are you planning to start?
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