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Feeling poo :o(

Hey ladies

Just having a moan really. AF due sunday i think (39 day cycle last month which was 1st month off pill). Past week ive had mild cramping and lower back ache - nothing major tho. Yday i had stomach ache that got worse, just on left side so of course last night i was prepared for AF. Well it didnt come and this morning felt fine. Gradually stomach ache returned and back very achy today. Tonight it is really uncomfortable so had a nice warm bath and paracetomol and its easing now. Back is still tender but the horrible ache is better. Ive felt sick all eve too. I think i have the worst AF coming!! Just looking for sympathy really!


  • are you sure its af coming?? as that was my symptons and just got my bfp today . good luck
  • Really? i spose maybe. I just feel so neg this month! Its my 2nd but i dont remember feeling like this with my 1st preg. Congrats on your positive!!!
  • i could have written this post myself, lol.

    I have just said the same to my DH that i have just been feeling pretty blergh and am just waiting for the mother of all AF's to arrive but nothing as of yet.

    congrats nowamrsm, it's nice to know it can sometimes be a good sign x
  • Me too! I'm on CD36 at the moment, my last cycle was 37 days so I'm thinking I'm due on soon and been having stomach ache for the last couple of days. Still trying to stay positive though!
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