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First response test quick query

I did a first response test yesterday as AF was due the day before and still no show today by the way!

I don't think I ovulated until really late this month being CD21. Today CD30. Would the first response show if I was pregnant at 8dpo?

Also i know this might sound disgusting and too much information but I have a very clear discharge is that any indication of AF?

Had a few twinges yesterday but no AF pains.

Brought myself 2 hot fudge cakes and 2 boxes of biccies expecting AF last night ! But this morning still no sign!



  • It could still be too early for FR to pick it up 8dpo, that's pretty much the earliest it would detect it and then only in about half of all pregnant women I think (dredging my memory for what it said on the packet last month!!)

    clear discharge - not necessarily a sign of AF....

    sit tight, keep up the PMA and test again in a few days!!

    fingers crossed for you

  • Thank you.. Really hope its our month! xx
  • Fingers crossed for you! image It could still be too early to tell!

  • I agree, still might be too early. FR says 6 days before your period is due it might be able to show - well it didn't for me, when I found out I was having my son I only got a faint line on a FR the day af was due! So no early BFP for me! image
  • I used a superdrug one i think with my 1st and got a neg on day AF was due then a pos 5 days later! I hope we have all been lucky this month! Im on cd 34 - dont really know when i ovulated but maybe around cd20 going by cm. I had 39 day cycle last month so wont be testing til next week at earliest. Fingers crossed for us!
  • It can take between 6-12 days for implantation, and then the HCG has to rise to be strong enough to be detected. It could still be early yet.

    Good luck x
  • FC it's a shy bean!! xxx
  • morning all, really light brown discharge this morning at 10dpo. looks like witch on way. tried vit b6 and conception support out boots to make the dpo longer. might go the doctors feel awful image x
  • The witch has just came and got me. Feeling really down. But trying to stay positive. Start a new job next weekend so hope that keeps my mind of things for a little while before I go crazy. Onto month 7 we go . image xx
  • hugs xxx

    next month will be urs! fingers crossed xxx good luck with job!
  • Boo... sorry ChurpyChicken, evil af.

    Hopefully you'll soon be full of pma for next month. Best of luck for Saturday too x
  • thanks so much for your kind words.

    bit confused as i thought the witch had got me and now gettin brown discharge every other wipe and less than teaspoon amount on my pad and thats it all day no more on rest pads

    AF probably be full flow in morning.

    i love this website every1 is so kind and keepin me sane. don't kno what id do without every1 on here.

    I saw fortune teller last month who said id be pregnant this month with twins. :/ wonder if theres still a chance for me or she was wrong lol. we will see. xx
  • ooo I wonder, maybe there are still twins in there this month!! FC!

  • How are things looking this morning chirpy chicken?

    Im at the brown discharge faze (sorry tmi!!) and im still hopeful. Be nice to know how you are getting on.

    Fingers crossed there are twin beanies in there getting comfy image xxx
  • yeah, how are you getting on? x
  • AF here this morning and the cramps awful image onto month 7 reset the monitor. the fortune teller was wrong! thanks for bein so supportive every1. hope we get bfp soon x
  • any progress on the discharge on Af or BFP baby bump? FC for you xxx
  • sorry no twinnies for you chicken image

    The witch got me too :roll: , really took it hard this month as i was convinced we had done it. Month 19 now and im not sure how much longer i can keep dealing with this. Got my second internal ultrasound next fri (they found cysts on the last one), hopefully itll be clear but if not who knows.

    More waiting and hoping xxx

    Got a day out to an aquarium today with my friend and her 2 kiddies, should be great fun but im feeling a little sorry for myself today so im not sure a day out during half term, surrounded by kids is the best idea......... actually they will all be grumpy and screaming and bored so i should relish that i can come home afterwards and have a quiet cuppa shouldnt i?! :lol:
  • awww hun.. know how you feel. everytime i come on i see babies and pregnant women everywhere i feel like crying im so jealous. perhaps you should have a glass wine instead of the cuppa and a nice hot bath and bar choc. 19 months image +big hugs+ fingers crossed this month for us both. hope the ultra sound goes well. FC. Do you hav anymore children? xx
  • Hey chicken.

    Turns out the day out with the kids did me good as the other mums were so horrible that it dampened my broodiness a little bit!! It seems that if you dont have a kid (even when helping my friend with her 2) I became invisable and quite easily barged, shoved and ordered out of the way, grrrr!

    I also followed it by a sat aft with my 2 pregnant friends who quite understandably have nothing else to talk about. Wow, its been a testing weekend!!

    No other children, we are trying for our first. Hows about you?

    Spring is in the air this morning, maybe we should get bunny fever this month and be at it like rabbits :lol:
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