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Constantly on my mind:(

Be ate the thread!!

I just am panicking all the time!! Today iv been counting wees!!! Once an hour!! How often does everyone have to go?? I drink quite a lot xx


  • I am to - I seem to have symptom roulette - a different mix of symptoms everyday and I panic when one disappers! I pretty much go to the toilet every hour as well especially in the morning! It seems to ease off at the end of the day though to every couple of hours I think the more I eat the less often I need to go :lol:
  • Yeah that sounds a bit like me, except I need to go 3 times during the night!!

    I find everyday symptoms are different ends up freaking me out!!

  • wow! 3 times in the night! I have been quite lucky I seem to just be once in the middle of the night at the moment.

    The worse thing for me is the constant gagging when I wake up and get hungry. Although this morning I panicked as I did not have this and when it kicked in an hour later I am sad to say that I was actually happy to be gagging again even as horrible as it is!! :lol:
  • I got no sickness at all!!! Would welcome someimage I can't stop eating too !! But really bad things like pot noodles and super noodles! Gross! But trying to even it out by juicing!

    Congratulations on your scan Hun!! X
  • hi gemlou,

    when i was pregnant with the son that i lost i had constant sickness, but my pregnancy with my healthy son, i had no symptoms at all. i tested constantly because i couldnt believe i was pregnant and experience NOTHING! so please dont worry about symptoms or lack of them. every pregnancy is so different xx
  • gc from din im glad theres other people like me as i have no symptons either apart from extreme tirdness and weeing a lot im starting to panic too. arghh i thought getting a bfp was the hard part got a feeling this is gonna be a long 9 months.
  • Hey ah, yeah I suppose so! It's just i had no sickness last time and i lost, where I'm having 3 pessaries a day I keep thinking I'm bleeding but it's just the pessary! Keep having mini panic attacks every time image xxx


    I think you are completely right it's gonna be a looooooonnnnng 9 months!!!!!!!! Xxx
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