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please help, re college break?

Hi a friend of my daughter is expecting a baby at the end of August and is due to start her 2nd year of a 2 year course in Sept, which she obviously can't do image but she has been told if she doesn't go back Sept she will be thrown off the course :? so the question is Can they do that?

Thanks for any advice.


  • I'm not sure, she should speak to someone there about deferring for a year, Its been a good while since I came out of college now but I'm sure there will be some way around it she'll just need to speak to the right person to try and get something sorted.
  • she needs to speak to the college union. they will know exactly how it works but if its anything like uni she should be given options on how to defer her studies xx
  • I work as an academic advocate in H.E. I can't give a definitive answer as I have not seen all the policy documents for the place, but I would have thought they'd be looking at her deferring rather than leaving. Her dropping out of the course is of no benefit to anyone assuming all is otherwise well with it. We had a female student take a year out due to having a baby and she's now back completing the course. There is a creche on site so childcare is there if needed. I think many colleges and universities, particularly those with a lot of mature students now provide facilities for children. Does she have a personal tutor or student advisor she can speak to?
  • If college is anything like university then they can't just kick you out. Also having drop-outs isn't exactly great for the college record so I don't see the benefit for them.

    However if she gets specific funding for the course(not normal student loan or something like that) she could lose it if it was limited to a certain time.
  • She should be able to defer the year - however if the future of the course is undetermined then it might not be possible. It could be that the college is expecting to discontinue the course, in which case they couldn't keep it open for one student. She really needs to speak to the college and find out exactly why she can't defer.
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