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SPD symptoms???

Hi Ladies, im hoping to get some info if poss from anyone who has experinced this as i think i may be getting it

the past few weeks on and off I have had pain in pubic bone and bum bones tmi (dont know if the the right names lol)and today especially this afternoon i have been in alot of discomfort, standing still is agony and seems slightly less painfull when sat down does this sound familiar????

Dont have midwife til thursday so wll ask then too, but thought women who have been/ going through it might be able to advise/ help




  • I had this during my first pregnancy and all I can say is don't let it go unmentioned as I did. I got to the point where my niggles turned into excruciating pain and I was actually unable to walk without ending up in tears. I got an urgent referral to physio at around 34-36 weeks which helped as they gave me very gentle exercises to do and a pelvic/hip belt to hold me together a bit more. I couldn't get out of bed or turn over or anything.

    It started with pain in my hip joint but it felt to me like a specific point in my back and down my leg so I just thought it was a bit of nerve pain I was so wrong. I had a full time office job so did find sitting was a lot easier but I don't actually think being in any position, sitting or standing, for a length of time did any good at all.

    While you wait for your appt, I would suggest trying not to arch your back, try and make sure you stand bearing weight equally on both feet, try and keep your pelvis tilted up slightly when standing or moving around, this takes a lot of pressure off your back. Try not to turn over in bed with your legs apart (satin pj's are great to help slide your bottom rather than lifting) and take paracetamol when you need to it will help.

    Hope it isn't SPD but just make sure you let your MW know if it does become very painful, we all get twinges but if it gets worse I would stress this as it can be really painful.
  • I suffered with SPD during my lst pregnancy I get pains in my pelvic bone and in my groin area. It hurts mainly when walking or getting up or moving from a different position. So it does sound like SPD to me. I go referred to physio last time but they could not fit me in til after my due date and by the end I had to shuffle to walk and could not get off the sofa without help.

    Im now 17 weeks preg again and am already getting niggles if I do alot of standing or walking image buying a pelvic support is ment to help alot image
  • thanks for your replies ladies, I feel abit better today but i will definatly mention it to MW on thursday. I have been trying to move carefully and with both legs together etc. My back has been very clicky today and unfortunatly i have quite an arched back anyway from years of gymnastics and preganacy only makes that worse. I will make sure I dont let it go unnoticed

    thanks again

    Jo x
  • Yes the clicky back sounds very familiar I'd push for a referral. Hope it all goes well x x x
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