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Hey ladies

Just saying a little hello as i dont know if im DIO or DIN til i have my scan. Only found out today and works out im 6wks tomorrow but as i had such a long cycle last month i dont know if im due in Nov. This is my 2nd baby - little girl is 2 - so am on hand for any Qs i might be able to help with. Im already feeling queasy and boobs are killing me. Night time weeing has also started! Jst keeping fingers crossed this is a healthy and happy bean now xx


  • bless you hun xxx im 9 weeks tomorrow xx my daughter is also 2 and was born in june 08, im feeling everything so much earlier this time round, i just dont know if it ( because weve been there) or u just generally feel more each time xx? im in dio but will prob be induced or csec in september xxx h&h 9mths xx
  • hi and welcome. this is my 3rd pregnancy but second child (MC) i'm due on the 29 of oct but if this little one is anything like his sister i'll be 10 days late!
  • Welcome to due in Oct.

    I am due to have a little halloween baby at the moment, even if that doesnt change atthe scan I am sure he or she will be late, my baby boy, 7 months went 9 days over!

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