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Abit of advice..

Hi ladies,

I'm normally over in the TTC forum but thought i'd pop over here for some advice.

I've been TTC since May 2010, that's when i came off the pill. And as you can probably tell no luck as yet image

My cycles seem to be very irregular, they started off as 28 days. And i had a couple of 28 day cycles..And then they went to 32/33 days for a couple of months. Then they jumped to 35/36 days..

And this cycle is the longest i've EVER had, CD 45 and no show of AF..

I did two HPT last week BFN, went to the doctor and he said wait a week test again..

So today i tested again and again BFN!!!

My husband has a child from a previous marriage who is 7 now.

I'm wondering where i should go from here?

Hope you can help xx


  • My advice- as its been 10 months ttc with no success, go to the Drs. Your story of gradually lengthening cycles sounds very similar to mine and if you have irregular cycles, problems conceiving and any other symptoms of pcos, I was told at the fertiltity clinic that they assume you have pcos. Its very common and often easily treated.

    As I'm sure everyone has told you, try to relax and not think about it too much. If you're overweight, try to lose it and if your or your partner drink or smoke, you should consider giving up, as these are all things they will expect of you at the fertility clinic.

    But......on the plus side, plenty of completely normal people just take up to a year to conceive, so don't write yourself off just yet!!!
  • Thanks for the advice!

    I am overweight, and currently on the slimming world diet. Im only a size 14, so not really overweight.

    I don't smoke, i occasionally drink.

    But my husband does smoke..

    Is there something that they can do to test whether or not you have PCOS? I read somewhere that if you have PCOS and you've already been TTC for awhile they help you sooner?
  • Yep if you go to the doctors they can refer you for blood tests and an ultrasound scan and these will confirm pcos or not.
  • Thanks ladies!

    Do i just need to explain that my cycles are getting longer and very irregular?
  • Hi MrsHarker,

    Just wanted to share something my accupuncturist was telling me tonight about the link between smoking and low sperm levels.

    If there is anyway you can get him to stop or cut down to 4 a day it might be of help. You could also try him on zinc.

    Not by any means saying that might be a problem, but just occurred to me when I read your comments.

    Re PCOS they should help you sooner if you do have it, you're nearly at the 12 month stage so they should refer you anyway.

    Your symptoms sound similar to mine - my cycles gradually got longer five months after stopping the pill and they think I've got very mild PCOS (even tho the scan and blood tests showed I hadn't) due to cycle length.
  • Heya Hun

    Iv got pcos and been ttc 15 months ish!

    I suggest telling the dic the truth about ur cycles Hun and see what he says if u don't have any other symptoms of pcos other than irregular cycles then u I wouldn't have thought u have pcos but some girls have PCO and not the syndrome. As they are two different things.

    But uv been trying 10 months they will defo start investigating they should do bloods to check ur ov, scans, then they can figure out where they should go with treatment etc.

    X x x
  • Thanks ladies,

    I'll be making an appt with the doc soon.

    I have AF every month, just don't know when she will turn up.

    Its frustrating all i want his a baby!! xx
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