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I seem to remember you live in South Africa?

We're hopefully flying out to Cape Town, Durban then Jberg next month and was wondering if they have cow and gate formula out there?

We're still using ready made cartons so wasn't sure if we're best off switching him to powder then take the powdered stuff out. Weaning has been a bit of a disaster anything not smooth his face crumples and he shudders and heaves, food given for him to hold gets shredded and smeared into the table!! Broccoli is his particular favourite!! He loves Ella's kitchen pouches (smooth expensive stuff typical) so was wondering if there was anything you'd recommend we could buy out there if he objects to proper food?

Many thanks,

Alison x


  • Hi Alison

    we don't get cow and gate here so you'll need to bring it with you. There's lots of baby food to buy. Purity is the biggest brand or Ollie for organic. How old is your baby now? Sam was useless with finger food until almost 10 months!! Woolworths (like M&S) have fresh ready made baby food but they are more pricy. Although probably ok for you on pounds image

    Pick and Pay or Checkers are two off the main grocery stores I'd look for.

    Enjoy the trip image
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply and sorry for the long delay.

    Unfortunately we've had to cancel our trip to South Africa.

    Joshua is currently at Addenbrookes hospital (Cambridge) having been transferred from Bedford Hospital last wednesday. He's got empyema (lung infection) complication of pneumonia and they've effectively drained a can of cokes worth of pus from his right lung. He's still not right as every time he's off nurofen/calpol his temperature goes back up.

    Hopefully we'll make it later on in the year when he'll be eating proper food not purees!!

  • Oh no poor Joshua image I hope that he is much better now x
  • Hi!

    We've got our "super ping" hairy diddly dot back!

    Took a good week but he's now super speedy at crawling and easily pulling himself up to standing and cruising along our coffee table.

    Unfortunately my nurses great nephew (another Joshua) has been transferred to Newcastle Hospital with collapsed lung, meningitis and is in a coma. He's only a few weeks younger than our Joshua....

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