ive been to midwife today

im 40 + 1

everything seems to be going well. they reckon about 7 and a half lb at the moment.

baby is also fully engaged which cheered me up abit lol

i have an appointment already prebooked on monday with my consultant (becasue of the cyst thing) and they said i have to go their on monday if not had him by then. they said consultants are inducing about 10 days at the moment here so they reckon they would book me in on monday for a wednesday induction.

fingers crossed i go myself by then but at least i kinda know whats what now.

also they said both pools are still working and arent really requested for that much so fingers crossed i might just get one xxx


  • as soon as that induction is booked I bet bubs makes an appearance, usually does the trick!!!
  • Good luck, i hope you go before the induction. I was booked on to be induced on a monday Hollie arrived 10 days late but only 2 days before induction. It usually works, hope you get to use the pool too it was fab.
  • Same here,best of luck,i went in labour the day of my induction,my contractions started at 5am and my appt was at 9am,bonus,still had to go in tho.
  • Hope you get to have your water birth, that would be lovely. I too was booked for an induction at 42 weeks but jd came at 41 weeks after the sweep. Good luck x x
  • Hope all goes well and the baby comes before Monday

    The more I hear about using a birthing pool the more I sway that when my time comes I like the sound of it - so hope you get to use it aswell
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