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unstable lie baby? anyone had this at all?

thought i would post in baby forum incase any mums on here had this happen. i am 36+2 with my third baby and have to see a consultant on monday cos my baby keeps shifting position. one minute it is transverse, then breech, then head down! apparently they are worried about a cord prolapse if my waters were to break early. my midwife was a bit vague about what the hospital will advise although she didnt think i would need a c sec and an ECV would be pointless. maybe induction with them forcing baby head down as they break my waters. anyone had this or no anyone who has? i no i should just wait til monday but the weekend seems soooo long to wait for answers!!!


  • Hi there, I had this in my first pregnancy which is unusual apparently (trust me!) when baby was still shown to be moving position more than once a day in my case! by 37 weeks, they admitted me for regular observation and told me I couldn't go home until bubs had been confirmed head down for three days. She was eventually, and I went home, then they induced me at term scanning me first to confirm she was still head down, but it failed as she had disengaged again (probably planning her next turn about lol!) and I got a Section as she was getting a bit distressed with the failed induction. They had basically told me protocol was admission if still unstable after 37/38 weeks, and attempt induction when baby is head down if possibe, otherwise a C. xxx
  • What Meaning Unstable Position baby?

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