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Test done!

And the test was negative! Was relieved but I was also strangely disappointed! Even though I had a horrible pregnancy I absolutely love being a mum and think I secretly want to do it all again soon! So come on girls who wants or who will do it again?

Also, just wondering if anyone can suggest a solution for a little problem with baby sleeping situation. Jessica has now almost outgrown her Moses basket will only be in it for another week at the most there's about an inch of space left. We do have a cotbed in the nursery but it is very big and will not fit on our bedroom.

I am in a bit of a pickle because I am not ready for her to go in her own room. I have been looking into buying a bedside cot but they are expensive. Can anyone suggest a cheaper or alternative option? Would really appreciate any advice xxAlso in babyx


  • phew on the BFN...we will be doing it again but not for a bout 3 yrs (although this time span we ste seem to be getting shorter, started at 3-4yrs, now 3yrs, and probably ebbing more to 2.5 lol!)

    re the moses, could u get a crib? we have a crib, should last until they start sitting up, although we have an issue that phoebe doesn't like hers yet, and i think we only ahve a few weeks of moses basket left so need to get her accustomed to it, she can't go in with her bro yet as she's not sleeping through and will wake him so not an option even if i wanted to, and like u the cot won't fit (bu then if she doesn' like crib she won't like cot) the moses has always been in the crib at night time, so same place etc, will ahve to perservere with thata s time is running out xx
  • Thanks wowbabies! We definitely want number 2 and if it wasn't for the horrid pregnancy we would be trying sooner rather than later. However it is a bit of a touchy subject as I was so Ill with Jessica I was bed ridden so would find it almost impossible to look after the demands of a baby aswell. I know that no 2 pregnancies are the same but wouldn't like to take the risk really so think we are going to wait till jessie Rose is in pre school.

    Thanks for the advice on the crib situation I managed to buy a cot for 69 pounds from mothercare yesterday it is a lot smaller than the cotbed so will fit nicely in our bedroom and you cam have it on 3 different levels so will last till she is about one. The mattress was 70 so it did work out expensive really considering I already have a perfectly good cot in the nursery but if it helps me and baby sleep then to pot with the money ha. Let's just hope miss j likes it or me won't be happy! X
  • (((hugs))) I know it would have been a shock to get a BFP but I can understand why you're disappointed too, it would have skipped out all the 'work' involved when TTC!! But at least now you can plan it all out in your head and if a surprise does happen along the way you know you'll be happy about it!

    I do want another but I'm still abit traumatised about the birth so it definitely won't be for a few years, especially as our situation is far from perfect (we're living with my parents at the min) I had a great pregnancy though and I'm afraid that now I know how much hard work a newborn is, I won't enjoy the next 1 as much if you get what I mean! Time will tell though
  • oops double posts, HATE this new site!!
  • Gosh...that would have been fast work! Funnily enough hubby and I were discussing number two last night. I think we'll start trying again as our daughter approaches her 1st birthday - so, later on this year then!

    I quite fancy having them very close in age and we love being parents so don't see why not just go for it!
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