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First tooty peg!

Hurrah, at last I can see the first tooth poking through!

It's on her top gum, I was sort of expecting bottom first but yey!!!!!

Lily has been sooo ill recently with a cough & last night coughed so much she puked EVERYWHERE. Had zero kip & am now sat at work with puffy eyeballs & what feels like a bloody hangover. My mum took her to docs.

Has anyone noticed how babies are ill most of the time, either snotty or nappy rash or something...arrggghh!

Anyway thought i'd share, feeling sorry for myself expecially as in 3rd trimester which as we all know knocks the bo***cks out of you anyway!!

Hope your all well xx


  • Yay to toothypegs! image Boo to being poorly though image

    Alot of the may babies seem to be ill at the moment, am eternally grateful that lo hasn't been ill at all really(touch wood hope it continues!) - might be a contentious statement but I often wonder if its because so far she hasn't really mixed with young children (few rare occasions in last 9 months) and I don't do baby groups..... am hoping to look at a baby group when she's 1 (timing with when we move house) so she'll probably get all the bugs circulating then!!!

    :roll: x
  • Until I went back to work in Jan & me & Lily were in mummy & baby bubble she never even got a runny nose.

    Ever since then & she's mixing with kids, my god she's always sniffling or coughing!

    She has antibiotics & she threw up everywhere last night & had diorreah that I never thought imaginable. Couldn't even take her upstairs - had to wash her in the sink it was that bad (TMI) Anyway it's Friday so i'm just going to thank god I can give her lots of cuddles tomorrow & if she's up all night at least I wont have to sit at my desk for 9 hours!
  • Ava never had a cold until about two months ago, of that and now she's on her second, really weird.. She's just had her bottle and coughed and choked at every drop cis of her congestion.. It seems to have improved a little over yesterday and today but you feel so helpless don't you.

    My eldest first went to nursery and for ages got ill over and over but when she went to school she was immune tO loads of bugs and is very healthy now image

  • Yay for the first tooth!

    Same as Ava, Corynn has never been ill at all until the past few weeks where she's had a hideous cold, and is now on with a chesty cough. I know there's been a lot of sickly maybies though recently

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