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AF..... the 2nd best thing!

Hi everyone! I just had to share, feeling VERY positive today! I have PCOS and normally have 4-6month long cycles. On my 2nd month of clomid, on CD 37 and thought I had not ovulated (yet again) because didn't get a pos OPK (docs dont bother doing bloods/scans in my area) I was going to start my provera this morning and trudge on into month 3, but when I went to the loo it turns out AF has arrived! Honestly I have never been so pleased! Deffinately the 2nd best thing that could have happened to me today (obviously the first being a BFP!) So i'm assuming I did actually ovulate this month, but missed my surge (probably the curse of working shifts). I take my clomid day 3-7, and then me and hubby will be BD like there's no tomorrow! imageimageimage xxxxxxx


  • Thats briilianthun.

    Isn't it funny when your quite excited about AF!!

    Fingers crossed though next month is your month!!!

  • That was me a few weeks ago...."I feel like I'm due on....naaaah.....(goes to toilet)...Ooooo, I am coming on!!! How exciting!
  • I've honestly never been so happy to be on my period, even though it's an absolute evil period. Hubby didn't get it, it took some explaining! Anyway day 3 tomorrow so clomid once again! Luckily it doesn't give me any side effects really, apart from it makes me alittle more argumentative, which isn't too much of a bad things because i'm normally too placid! I'm just keeping everything crossed that it makes me ovulate this month! Please!!!! xxxx
  • I end up just loving AF!!! Even if it does mean my body hasn't got a bean. My body is doing what it is meant too and that is progress!!!
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