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Potty training??

Its still really quiet in here isn't it but for those that are still about are any of you started potty training yet? Perhaps a few have already come out the other end!!

We haven't even bought a potty yet!!! Going to get one of those seat ones over the weekend I think.

H points to his bum/nappy and says 'MUM MUM down there' when doing a poo, so would you say this is an early sign he is getting ready?

I'm dreading it to be honest. Nursery said they dont start it yet and I'd prefer to do it in line with them. What do you think?


  • I am in the same situation, but we have bought a potty, just so my MIL didn't get one for her house first! (it would probably have been secondhand off a "friend" with poor hygiene standards!)

    Isabelle has plenty of nappy free at home, and rarely has accidents, but poos or wees the minute her nappy is back on?! It's like she is holding it, and she does know when she is doing or about to as she goes to her "Poo Corner!"

    We also have the same issue with nursery not doing it until she moves up rooms in September, so I reckon I will wait until at least then, with the hope that next Christmas would be a good time as I have nearly 3 weeks at home with her!

    The potty is about and we put dolls on it, and Isabelle sits on it aswell, so I think we just take it at her own pace!

    Bets XxX
  • R still not talking much so doesn't say when she goes, but like Isabelle goes to a corner for number twos, so she knows! She also doesn't seem to wee when her nappy is off. However I'm not planning to train her before her brother arrives, don't want to rush things and it'll be eeasier when she's verbal. Will review next Christmas I think x
  • Haiden has a potty and she will sit on it, but not sure she actually knows it's not a chair!

    She does run around without a nappy, but she does have accidents unfortunately

    I think we will just carry on the way we are for now x
  • I get Holly to sit on hers when she is pooing but with clothes and nappy still on. I dont think shes quite ready but its getting her on the right track without scaring her or making her anxious about it.

    When shes poo'ed she fetches the change bag and tells me "stinky" its so cute, but then she gives me the bag and runs away lol
  • Ella is not showing any signs of being ready yet. to be honest I think its far to soon.

    I potty trained felicity about 3months after her 2nd birthday but she was very ready and actually got on the toilet rather than the potty! It only took her 1 week to be in knickers then it took another couple of months before she was dry at night.

    Personally i wont be showing ella the potty until she's 2 then ill let her decide.

    MrsN - I think you should definatly do it in line with the nursery to avoid any confusion

  • Fab thanks girls.

    Seems we're all around the same lines in starting to think about it but not pushing anything yet.

    I'm going to buy a potty and just leave it around for him. We were at a friends this morning and he kept putting her potty on his head - erm defo dont think he's ready!! Ha ha.
  • Cailey has a potty which she sits on most morning n before her bath, she will happily have a wee and a number 2 on it but shes not ready for training yet.

    Like Roisin Cailey still isnt verbal as much as the others and she's still not walking either.

    When I get a nappy from her box and say come get changed she scoots off across the floor and hides behind the sofa.... shes funny!

    I bought the potty training in one week by gina ford but havent read it yet! I will let her tell me when she's ready.... it could be a long way off yet!

  • sorry double post!

  • Reuben knows when he is pooing and goes to a corner or behind the soffa to do it then comes back and gets his change mat out and lays on the floor, but if he as his nappy off for more than 5 mins he wee's on the floor. We have a potty and he does sit on it but he's not ready yet
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