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how many teeth

has your Junie got now.

Emily still only has the 2 but I can see another 2 waiting to pop through! x


  • Hi JunieMummy,

    Blimey it's quiet on here!

    Joshua has his 2 lower front teeth, they came through at about 6 and a half months without much fuss.

    Better leave for work I suppose, he's sound asleep in his car seat. Poor fella's been in and out of Bedford Hospital and ended up being transferred to Addenbrookes. He had an upper airways viral infection which ended up as empyema (lung abscess complication from pneumonia) They had to put a chest drain in and drained about a can of cokes worth of pus. lovely. He's been on oxygen, nebulisers, oral and intravenous antibiotics, calpol, nurofen and now iron as he was very anaemic.

    Hope Emily and the boy's are ok?

    Love ali x
  • oh my gosh! How is he now. Poor lil mite. xx

    My lot are fine thanks x
  • William only has one bottom tooth....and that's only just starting to poke through. He was 9 months last Saturday.

  • I finally feel we've got our baby boy back. He's back to speedy crawling and pulling himself up to standing every opportunity. He's fallen below zero percentile so being a hairy diddly dot (5th haircut on saturday) makes standing and cruising easier!

    We're supposed to be flying to South Africa tomorrow so he could meet his grandparents, cousins etc but we've had to postpone it. Just trying to find somewhere to stay for a few days in Cornwall, possibly Falmouth.

    Congratulations on William's first tooth.

  • NONE!!!! We're still waiting...but I'm still BFing so in no rush!!! x
  • Freya hasnt got any teeth either and she will be ten months on april 4!
  • We now have two!!! Diddly little ones at the bottom!!! x x x x
  • Liam has 4 at the top almost all the way through, 2 fully through at the bottom, he's REALLY suffering and letting me know about those top 4...

    Ellie has 2 at the bottom, 2 at the top with a sweet gap inbetween the top ones and is being very brave.

    They were born 22 June but were 8 weeks early, don't know if preemies get them sooner or if that doesn't come into it at all?

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