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How much milk?

Hey ladies

My 3 are now 9 months and they are showing signs of wanting to drop their daytime bottle.

At present they have one 210ml feed when they get up (between 6 & 7am) one 210ml feed around 11.30am (which they are gradually taking less and less of) and then a 210ml bottle at bedtime (around 6.30pm). They have water with their meals and are offered sips throughout the day.

Just out of interest how much milk are your LOs having?


S x


  • Hi Squibly - i'm afraid I only know off the top of my head in oz's!

    Lily is having 3 meals a day sometimes a snack & 3 x 6oz bottles so 18oz all together.

    I often wonder how long she will be on 3 bottles for she seems happy to stay like this....!!!
  • Thanks golden girl - 210ml is about 7oz so pretty much the same.

    I haven't yet introduced any snacks so this might be the next thing - what sort of thing does your LO have?

    S x
  • She enjoys the Organix snacks such as tomato slices & the tomato & carrot rice cakes.

    I have also given her fruit cut into large stick shapes such as kiwi, apple or bananna.

    I mash her some strawberries & mix it with bananna too & only very occasionally she might have 3 or 4 Milkybar buttons (some mums will probably horrified by this but i'm not against giving her sweet stuff as long as it's not that often).

    I got some Heinz cheddar biscuits the other day but she still chokes on them, Farleys rusk also do individual teddy bear discuits but a word of warning - they are messy!

    Hope this has given you some ideas!
  • Thanks for this - it's a big help to hear what other mums are doing!

    Thanks also for helping to resurrect this forum!

    S x
  • My lo has 3 bottles (7oz) at the moment and 3 meals a day - she also has 1-2oz of cows milk with lunch some days and drinks water throughout the day.

    Today instead of finger food at lunch (which she doesn't eat that much of really!) I spoon fed her a meal and yogurt and she wasn't bothered about the afternoon bottle at all so I do think that that will be the next one to be dropped.

    (just to confirm cows milk does not replace her formula before anyone jumps on me and am just getting her used to the taste! lol!!!image )

  • Yep generally we are on 3 bottles a day of 7oz, however little one still wakes in the night and I have now switched to feeding just water at night, in the hope to stop the waking!

    He just seems to eat and eat, we have 3 meals a day including dessert, 2 snacks. (haven't tried milkybar buttons, but he loved normal choc buttons, so am going to give this a go)
  • Thanks for the replies.

    Debs - Max and Len had got in to a phase of wanting milk in the night just recently. We offered them water and after 2 or 3 nights they stopped waking.

    Apple-Pie - My HV has advised me to offer mine cows milk to get them used to the taste as well.

    S x
  • freya has four 5oz bottles a day and she drinks most of it. She also has two breastfeeds, first and last thing, not sure how much she really has from them tho! She doesnt eat huge amounts = one weetabix for breakfast, two cubes of something homemade ( or half a big jar if im in a rush) for lunch, maybe followed by a couple of rice cakes or baby biscotti and two cubes of something fruity or a banana around 4pm then some finger food (sandwiches, toast, chopped up fruit, cucumber, pasta or a bit of whatever we have)at around 6.30 while we have dinner. She is not quite 20lb tho at nearly ten months
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